Best Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

This compilation of the best free crochet plant hanger patterns will inspire your creativity and elevate your bohemian home decor game.

It’s hard to track down quality crochet patterns, but today, you don’t have to. Here’s a round up of the best free crochet plant hanger patterns on the interwebs. From air plant hanger free patterns to double hanging baskets and intricate lace designs, we’ve got it all.

This compilation is close to my heart, as I’ve adopted dozens of plants since the pandemic and designed two different plant hanger patterns.

​​​​​​​Have you seen that meme about how pets are the new kids, and plants are the new pets? That speaks to my soul. And if that’s you, read on, friend!

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What is a crochet plant hanger?

A crochet plant hanger (also known as a hanging basket or hanging planter) is a basket or pouch with a hanging loop. You can use small crochet plant hangers for air plants, or larger ones for hanging traditional plant pots or planters.

Hanging your plants with crochet hangers is an excellent way to keep plants away from pets or toddlers, and it saves shelf space for even more plants. Or, you know, yarn and crochet hooks.

Any plant can be hung, but it’s especially dramatic if your hanger plants are have long trailing vines. The majority of my vining and trailing plants (like my philodendron neon) are in plant hangers, both crochet and macrame. They look so pretty!

How do you hang a crochet plant hanger?

Hanging your crochet plant hanger can be tricky, especially if you rent your home. Personally, almost all of my hanging plants are suspended from “S” hooks on my curtain rods.

You could also screw a hook into your ceiling joists, use strong command strips, hang from a coat rack or coat hook, or install wall brackets. I also have one small hanging plant that’s hung from a shelf with a Christmas stocking hanger. You laugh, but it works!

How do you crochet a plant hanger?

There are many ways to crochet a plant hanger (as these free patterns will show you). Most of the patterns below create a base to support the plant pot, then use an open mesh or lace stitch for the body of the crochet plant holder.

Finally, the last round is joined and the planter is strung up by sturdy yarn, macrame cord, or crocheted chains. That’s what I did for both the Boho Plant Hanger and the Big Bohemian Hanging Planter patterns.

Of course, crochet isn’t the only way how to make a plant hanger, but it is my favorite way. 😊

What do you need to crochet a hanging basket?

To crochet a hanging planter, you’ll need a crochet hook and a sturdy yarn that won’t stretch over time (like cotton). Some of the patterns below use traditional yarn (DK or worsted weight), while others use t-shirt yarn or macrame cord.

Depending on the plant hanger pattern(s) you choose to crochet, you may also want to pick up some:

Best Yarn for Crochet Plant Hangers

The best yarn for crocheting plant hangers is worsted weight cotton. It’s durable, inexpensive, and accessible. Walk into any store that sells yarn and you can bet they have some type of worsted weight cotton. There are many different brands of cotton yarn, but my favorites are:

Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

On to the free crochet plant hanger patterns! I’ve combed the interwebs to find the cutest and best free patterns. So far there are 24 different planters, but I’ll add more as time goes on.

The first four plant pot hangers use cotton yarn or macrame cord. They’re designed to fit pots in the four to six inch range (depending on the pattern). Aren’t they cute?!

collage of four pictures of colorful crochet plant hangers (blue, cream, red, and gold), all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Boho Plant Hanger from You Should Craft: Add simple, bohemian flair to your home with this free plant hanger crochet pattern. Crocheted with worsted weight cotton yarn and accented with wooden beads, it’s designed to fit 4-5 inch pots.
  • Trinity Boho Planter from Cosy Rosie UK: This beginner friendly plant hanger pattern uses macramé cord and takes less than one hour to crochet. Fiona provides instructions for three sizes, designed to fit pots between 4.5 and 6 inches across.
  • Twisted Plant Pot Cover from Blue Star Crochet: This beautiful boho style crochet plant pot cover features cool twists and would make a lovely gift.
  • Plant Hanger from Heart Hook Home: This pattern is crocheted using the lovely woven lattice stitch. It uses very little yarn, is super chic, and comes in two different sizes.

More Free Crochet Plant Hanger Patterns

Here are four more hanging planter crochet patterns. The two on the left are designed to fit smaller pots, while the two on the right are designed to fit larger planters that are 6 – 8 inches across.

collage of four pictures of crochet hanging planters (blue, cream, pink, and red), all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Small Plant Hanger from The Nicole Chase: isn’t this little guy so cute?! Nicole tested the pattern with three different types of yarn, including recycled silk, nylon, and cotton.
  • Big Bohemian Hanging Planter from You Should Craft: Hang your larger trailing plants with this bohemian planter that’s designed to fit 8-inch pots like the ones from Costa Farms (you can see my Global Green Pothos in the picture).
  • Plant Hanger and Holder from Naztazia: This pattern has optional hangers, just in case you prefer a simple plant cozy. Doesn’t the lace look pretty?
  • Crochet Plant Hanger from Whistle & Ivy: Beth designed this small hanging planter with a simple filet crochet mesh.

Even More Hanging Planter Crochet Patterns

Don’t you love how different each of these planters are? Two use textured stitches, one to create ribs and one to create diamonds. Two use a lot of chains to create mesh, but the final look is totally different. Ugh, crochet is so magical!

collage of four light-colored crochet plant hangers, all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Eryn Plant Hanger from Through the Loop Yarn Craft: The Eryn Plant Hanger has a gorgeous ribbed texture that stretches to fit differently shaped pots. The pattern is worked in the round, can be adjusted for different sizes, and is quite quick to make up.
  • Macrame Style Plant Hanger from Left in Knots: Crochet a simple plant hanger with cotton yarn and this free pattern. This macrame inspired plant hanger is flexible and fits pots up to 5″ in diameter at the base.
  • Easy Plant Hanger from Joy of Motion Crochet: This easy crochet pattern can be customized to fit straight pots of any size. You’ll use less than one skein of worsted weight cotton yarn for each plant hanger.
  • Paton’s Crochet Plant Hanger from Moogly Blog for Yarnspirations: The Patons Crochet Plant Hanger pattern features diamond textured stitches that create that boho, macrame look – but it’s all crochet!

Crochet Hanging Planter Patterns

Here are the next four crochet flower pot hangers. Whether you have bigger plants or itty bitty cuttings in yogurt cups, you’re covered.

collage of four small crochet plant hangers, all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Granny Square Plant Hanger from Becca Parker (for HobbyCraft): Give a trailing plant a home with this quick and easy crochet hanger guide. It’s a beginner-friendly boho-style project that’s kind to the planet and made entirely of basic granny squares!
  • Wall Plant Hanger from Fresh Knack: Get those plants off the counters and away from any cats that like to knock them over. This free crochet pattern uses Bernat Home Dec yarn and works up in about 30 minutes.
  • Trailing Plant Pot Hanger from Sooz Jewels: This gorgeous macrame-inspired trailing plant hanger or holder includes both written instructions and stitch charts.
  • Houseplant Clippings Plant Hanger from Heart Hook Home: When your plants need a haircut or you want to share with friends, it’s time to propagate cuttings. Use this small plant hanger crochet pattern to make some cute hangers for your clippings.

Big and Small Plant Hangers

This next section of free crochet patterns has both single and double hanging baskets, as well as a traditional plant hanger. Aren’t the neutral colors lovely?

collage of four neutral-colored crochet hanging planters and baskets, all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Suzette Double Hanging Basket from Made by Gootie: This large plant hanger pattern can be used for more than just plants. Use it to store your yarn, crochet WIPs, or even as extra storage in the bathroom.
  • Bernat Hanging Crochet Planter Pods from Yarnspirations: The planter pods crochet pattern comes in two sizes and you only need one ball of Bernat Maker Home Dec yarn to complete the duo.
  • The Pixie Planter from Day’s Crochet & Knit: Dana designed the Pixie Planter pattern to fit small pots (like 2-3 inches in diameter) and even mini fake plants.
  • Chevron Hanging Planter from Hello Happy: Here’s a free crochet pattern for a cute and simple chevron-striped hanging planter. It’s designed to fit 3” planters and pots.

The Final Four Hanger for Plants Patterns

With t-shirt yarn, macrame, monsteras, and never-ending stars, the final bunch of crochet plant hanger patterns is ready to impress.

collage of four pictures of blue, green, and cream colored crochet plant hangers, all available as free patterns

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Plant Happy from Vickie Howell: Vickie used jersey t-shirt yarn to design a quick, fun plant hanger crochet pattern that can be tied to your patio awning.
  • Macrochet Mini Planter from Day’s Crochet & Knit: Of all the planters in this round-up, the Macrochet Planter looks the MOST like macrame, don’t you think? The braids look absolutely amazing! This little crochet cutie is for mini pots, or could be used as an air plant hanger.
  • Monstera Leaf Planter from Jolie’s Knots: This crochet plant hanger pattern is made from two monstera deliciousa leaves. It’s actually a YouTube video tutorial (though a paid PDF is available), but it was too cool not to include.
  • Neverending Star from Kristyn Crochets for Nana’s Crafty Home: Spruce up your home and plants with this easy to make crochet plant hanger. The Never Ending Star Crochet Plant Hanger works up quickly and uses a simple star pattern. Kristyn has included instructions for customizing sizes.

Aaaand that’s a wrap! Which free patterns crochet plant hanger was your favorite?

collage of six images of crocheted hanging planters. navy rectangular overlay with white text reads: crochet plant hangers - free patterns curated by youshouldcraft

More Crochet Pattern Round-ups

If you’re hunting for more free crochet pattern round-ups, look no further. Here are a few from the blog:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can crochet plant hangers be hung outside?

It all depends on where you’re hanging your crochet pot hanger, and what type of yarn you used. Most yarns will be okay on a covered patio, where they’re safe from sun and rain. UV rays can be brutal on even the toughest fibers, so you’ll need to replace your plant hanger more often if it gets a lot of direct sunlight.

Are crochet plant hangers easy to crochet?

It depends on the pattern, but you can absolutely find an easy, beginner-level plant hanger pattern to crochet! Many of the patterns above use a combination of double crochet stitches and chains.

Do plant hangers make good gifts?

Absolutely! Crochet plant hangers make excellent gifts for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, birthdays, etc. Anyone who loves plants will love a handmade plant hanger.

Can you use acrylic yarn to crochet plant hangers?

Technically yes, you can use any yarn to make a hanging planter. However, acrylic stretches and loses its shape over time. If you choose to use acrylic, I recommend crocheting with a smaller hook than what’s recommended and only hanging small, light plants. Large hanging plants can get super heavy, especially right after they’ve been watered.

Do crochet plant hangers do well at crochet markets?

Yes! Plants and boho decor are so hot right now. Be sure to do customer research before you head to a new market, then choose quick, simple crochet plant hanger patterns.

Can you crochet a plant hanger?

Though macrame plant hangers are more well known, you can totally crochet plant hangers or hanging baskets! Hopefully this round-up of free patterns has provided enough evidence for you. 😘