Easiest Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern in 4 Sizes (Free)

Learn how to make the easiest double crochet dishcloth with this free pattern in four sizes. Both the dishcloth and border feature dc stitches.

January marks the start of the “new year, new you” vibe, and everyone starts exercising, eating healthy, and cleaning more. I can’t help you with the first two, but this easy double crochet dishcloth pattern can definitely help you get your clean on. I bought like 10 new cleaning products yesterday, so I’m ready to bust into the new year with a super clean house. At least until February when I lose motivation and the will to clean.

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Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Inspiration

This crochet dishcloth pattern was inspired by the humble double crochet stitch. It’s a classic for a reason, y’all! This is the easiest double crochet dishcloth pattern and it is 100% double crochet stitches. I made the first sample with a single crochet border, then I stopped and was like, “WTF?!” It’s a DOUBLE CROCHET dishcloth, so it’s gotta have ALLLLLL double crochets. Now, both the dishcloth body and border are made with pure, wholesome dc stitches.

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What’s the best yarn for crochet dishcloths?

When it comes to crochet dishcloths and washcloths, you’ve gotta use 100% cotton yarn. Cotton is durable, easy to wash, and the dishcloths won’t melt if you use them as a potholder in a pinch. You can pop your cotton crochet dishcloths in the wash with your other towels and rags, no need for delicate cycles or hang drying. Cotton yarn can be a little splitty when you crochet with it, so skip the pointy hooks.

Lily Sugar’n Cream is a classic choice for dishcloths, and the yarn I used for this quick and easy double crochet dishcloth pattern. It’s a worsted weight cotton yarn and one of my favorites for dishcloths and other kitchen/bath crochet (like the Bobble Heart Potholder, Blossom Dishcloth and Puff Stitch Face Scrubbies). The samples you see use the Cornflower colorway for the bodies and Blueberry and Stonewash for the borders. You might recognize the Blueberry color from the Berry Cabled Dishcloth pattern.

If you don’t have Sugar’n Cream yarn on hand, any #4 worsted weight cotton yarn will work for this double crochet dishcloth project. I’m a big fan of Dishie from WeCrochet/KnitPicks and have used it for other crochet dishcloth patterns (like the Linen Stitch Dishcloth).

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How to Double Crochet a Dishcloth

This beginner crochet dishcloth pattern is super easy, but if you want the full instructions, scroll down to learn how to make a double crochet dishcloth.

Basically, you’ll chain however many you want (+ 2 for the turning chain), then double crochet in rows until it’s as big as you want. Then add a border to finish it off. I used a double crochet border for my dishcloth, but you could use single crochet, crab stitch or twisted single crochet, or any border of your choosing.

If you’re into that double crochet all day thing, check out these other free double crochet patterns.

rusty metal with a wooden spoon and blue crochet hook laying on a two-toned blue double crochet dishcloth

Supplies / Materials


4 x 4 inches: 7 rows of 13 dc

Double Crochet Dishcloth Size Chart

Size (in)YardageStarting ch# of Rows
Scrubby3.5 x 3.5994
Small8.5 x 8.5552512
Medium9.5 x 9.5692814
Large12 x 121103719

Abbreviations / Techniques

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Easiest Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Notes

  • ch 2 counts as a dc
  • Starting chain and row counts are written as Scrubby (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Stitch counts are written as (Scrubby, Small, Medium, Large)
  • The dishcloth body is worked in back-and-forth rows. The double crochet border is worked in the round.
  • To customize the dishcloth size, ch any number + 2. This will give you a stitch count of one less than the number of chs (e.g., starting ch of 10 will have 9 dc in each row)

Double Crochet Dishcloth Video Tutorial

If videos are more your style, there’s a full double crochet dishcloth video tutorial just for you. You’ll follow along to make a scrubby-sized dishcloth, including the border.

Note: In the video tutorial, I used an alternate or chainless stitch, rather than a ch-2. The pattern is written out with a ch-2 that counts as a dc throughout the pattern.

Double Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

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ch 9 (25, 28, 37) with your primary color

ROW 1: dc in third ch from hook, dc across (8, 24, 27, 36)

ROWS 2 – 4 (12, 14, 19): ch 2 (counts as dc), dc across (8, 24, 27, 36)

Trim yarn, leaving a 6 – 8 inch tail.

BORDER: Join the border color. Turn the dishcloth 45 degrees, so you’re crocheting down the side. dc around the dishcloth, crocheting 2 dc in the double crochets along the sides and 5 dc around each corner st. Join to first dc with an invisible join. Trim yarn and weave in ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you crochet dishcloths?

Hopefully this easy double crochet dishcloth pattern answered your question, but yes! You can totally crochet dishcloths.

Why use crochet dishcloths?

Crochet dishcloths are quick, easy projects that let you practice crocheting or test out new stitches. Plus, they’re handy to have around the house. I use mine to dry my hands, wipe off counters and dishes, and clean goobers out of my dogs’ eyes.

Are crochet dishcloths sanitary?

Yep! Just like cotton clothing, crochet dishcloths are hygienic and sanitary if you wash them regularly. One of the best things about crocheting cotton dishcloths is that you can throw them in the regular wash cycle with the rest of your clothes/towels.

Do crochet dishcloths work well?

Yes! Crochet dishcloths are an effective and efficient way to clean dishes, countertops, and other surfaces in the kitchen. Since cotton yarn is absorbent and durable, crocheted dishcloths are well-suited for use in the kitchen. Some people find that crochet dishcloths are more gentle on delicate dishes and surfaces than other types of scrubbers or sponges, as they are less likely to scratch or damage them. Overall, crochet dishcloths can be a practical and effective tool for cleaning in the kitchen.

What are crochet dishcloths used for?

You can use the double crochet dishcloth for anything you’d use a regular dishcloth, washcloth, or kitchen towel for. I use mine for wiping off the counter, drying dishes or my hands, scrubbing pans or dishes, even cleaning my face.

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