Boho Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern + Video (Free)

Add simple, bohemian flair to your home with this free boho plant hanger crochet pattern. This easy hanging planter is crocheted with worsted weight cotton yarn and fits 4-5 inch pots.

Back in February 2020, I had five houseplants in my apartment. Now, like many COVID millenials, I have seven-times that many in my bathroom alone.

To save space (and create a dope jungle vibe), I’ve been hanging my trailing plants from the ceiling and curtain rods. Originally, I bought macrame hangers from Amazon. Then I realized, “Duh, these could be crocheted!” 🤦🏼‍♀️ So embarrassing.

Thus, the Bohemian Plant Hanger crochet pattern was born. It’s a small hanging planter that can fit 4-5 inch pots. Doesn’t it look cute with my philodendron brasil? 💙

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The crocheted boho plant hanger pattern uses cotton yarn, simple stitches, and chains to create an open, diamond-like mesh. I pumped up the cuteness factor with boho accents like wooden beans and a tassel. Isn’t the end result gorgeous? I’ve already made three for my smaller hanging plants.

If you’re a beginner crocheter, don’t worry! This easy plant hanger crochet pattern is for you too. The hardest part about it will be chaining 130 for the hanging straps.

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The Tools

Since a crochet plant hanger will be weighed down by a pot filled with dirt, I wanted to use a sturdy cotton yarn that didn’t have much stretch. I picked Dishie from WeCrochet, which has has never failed me. My ripple dish towel has put up with a year and a half of dish drying, counter scrubbing, and wash/dry cycles and it still looks amazing. I actually used the same colors of Dishie (Azure and Kenai) for my hanging planters.

If you don’t have Dishie on hand, Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream is a popular substitute.

You’ll need less than 55 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn, so this free plant hanger pattern is the perfect project to use up your scraps. If you’ve got a fresh 190-yard ball of Dishie, you can whip up three hanging planters and give them away to friends or family. Or keep them for yourself because you’ve adopted 83 new plants during covid-times. Whatever works. 😉

For my hook, I chose a 4.0 mm Silver Odyssey from Furls. The smaller hook size means less stretching on the plant hanger, and the shimmery Odysseys make crocheting a breeze.

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Supplies / Materials

Gauge / Size

Diameter of Rounds 1 – 3: ~3.5 inches

Abbreviations / Techniques

two blue crochet hanging planters with trailing plants. text overlay reads "bohemian plant hanger - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

Pattern Notes

  • Turning ch-2 counts as a dc
  • Turning ch-1 does not count as a st
  • Rounds are joined but not turned
  • Pattern is written using crochet shorthand. “2 dc” means to crochet 2 dc in the same stitch. “dc 2” means to dc in the next 2 sts.
  • To fit a taller pot, repeat Row 5 until the plant hanger is approximately ½ inch from the top of the pot.

Video Tutorial

My full video tutorial will show you how to crochet a plant hanger, from start-to-finish.

Boho Plant Hanger Crochet Pattern

Using a 4.0 mm crochet hook, create a magic ring
ROUND 1: ch 3 (counts as dc + ch), *dc, ch 1* 5 times into the magic ring, tighten ring and join to first st with sl st (12)
ROUND 2: ch 3, *dc, ch* in each st around, join to first st with sl st (24)
ROUND 3: ch 2, 2 dc in ch sp, *dc, 2 dc* 11 times around, join to first st with sl st (36) [photo a]
ROUND 4: *ch 7, sk 3, sc* eight times around, ch 3, tr in first st (nine loops) [photo b]
ROUNDS 5 – 7: *ch 7, sc in fourth ch of next loop* eight times around, ch 3, tr in tr from last round (nine loops) [photo c – d]

step-by-step photo collage showing how to crochet a plant hanger

ROUND 8: *ch 4, sc in fourth ch of next loop* eight times around, ch 4, sc in tr from last round (45)
ROUND 9: ch 1, sc around, join to first st with sl st (45)
ROUND 10: ch 1, sc in first five st, ch 130, sc 15, ch 130, sc 15, ch 130, sc 10, trim yarn and invisible join to first sc (45 sc + 3 long loops) [photo e]

step-by-step photo collage showing how to finish a crochet plant hanger

Finishing the Plant Hanger

First, add beads to each hanging loop (if desired).

Then, hold the three long loops together, about 1.5 inches from the top. In order to make sure your loops are even, hold the crochet plant hanger up (with a pot inside) and readjust until everything hangs straight.

Join yarn and ch 1, sc 20 around all the loop strands. Push stitches together toward the middle. [photo f]

Trim a 24 inch piece of yarn and tightly wrap around the straps, directly under the single crochets. When you have about 6 inches left, weave in ends and trim yarn. [photos g – h]

Adding the Tassel

Trim a 6 – 8 inch piece of yarn and place it at the top of the gauge ruler (or 6” piece of cardboard). Wrap yarn around the gauge ruler 20-30 times. Tightly tie the 6 – 8 inch piece of yarn at the top of the tassel. Trim the bottom of the tassel and remove it from the gauge ruler.

Next, trim a 10 inch piece of yarn and tie it approximately 1 inch from the top of the tassel. Trim the bottom to even out the tassel.

Finally, add beads to top of tassel and secure it to the bottom of plant hanger.

Once you’ve attached the tassel, weave in all the ends. Add your little pot and hang up your planter. Enjoy!

teal crocheted hanging planter with wooden beads, tassel, and trailing plants. Text reads, "boho crochet plant hanger - you should craft"