Best Free Crochet Coaster Patterns for 2023

Over 24 of the best free crochet coaster patterns. Bust your cotton yarn stash with these cute, quick coasters from around the web.

Lately, I’ve seen so many cute free crochet coaster patterns. If you’re a crocheter that appreciates quick, stash-busting projects that don’t require trips to the yarn store — coasters are perfect! Some coasters can be whipped up in less than 30 minutes, just like the Luna Keychain Wristlet, Flower Face Scrubbies, or Blanket Yarn Scrunchies.

Crochet coasters and mug rugs are perfect for using up your yarn stash — you can make a matching set with one skein, use up the ends of several skeins for a colorful set, or go striped with a scrappy coaster.

round wooden cutting board with mugs of tea, a crochet hook, and boho bobble coasters

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How to Crochet a Coaster

Crochet coasters are typically round or square. They go under cups/mugs to keep your table safe from condensation and heat. Plus, they look super cute! You may also see coasters called “mug rugs,” which are usually larger and rectangular.

Coasters can be as simple as crocheting a few rows or rounds of single crochet stitches. You can spice things up by adding colors, fringe, or textured stitches like the bobble stitch.

Crochet Coaster Supplies & Materials

Before you get started crocheting a new set of coasters, make sure to round up your supplies! I prefer cotton yarn for all my home projects (potholders, cozies, coasters, dishcloths, etc.) because it’s absorbent, durable, and easy to wash. Hopefully you have some cotton in your stash already (you’ll only need a few yards), but if not, worsted weight cotton is readily available at online and at your local yarn store.

To crochet a coaster, you’ll need:

Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

Here are over 24 of my favorite free crochet coaster patterns from around the interwebs. Whether you’re looking for fringed, colorful, fruity, or plain — read on. These coaster babies are all sorts of adorable. Best of all, the patterns are free!

collage of four different free crochet coaster patterns, two round and two square

Clockwise, from top left:

collage of four different types of crochet coasters, including the square boho bobble coasters

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Farmhouse Coasters – Cozy Nooks Designs for A Plush Pineapple: These simple farmhouse coasters are so cute!
  • Penelope Mug Rug – Love & Stitch: Penelope has such good mermaid tail texture, right? Maybe it’s the ocean green/blue color.
  • 3D Cube-Style Coasters – Lebenslustiger: These 3D coasters are so trippy!
  • Square Boho Bobble Coasters – You Should Craft: Bohemian vibes are strong with these square textured bobble coasters.

Bright Crochet Coaster Patterns

This collection of bright, colorful free crochet coaster patterns is sure to brighten up your dining table.

collage of four different types of bright crochet coasters

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Colorful Vintage Coasters – Mama in a Stitch: These bright, vintage colors are perfect for simple crochet coasters.
  • Pretty in Gingham Mug Rug – Divine Debris: Amber spun a different take on a gingham pattern, and it’s good!
  • Hexi Puff Coasters – TL Yarn Crafts: Toni has such an eye for color. These rainbow-colored hexagon coasters even have their own little hanging loops.
  • Watermelon Coasters – Midwestern Moms: What could be cuter than little slices of watermelon? These crochet coasters scream “summer” to me.

More Free Crochet Coaster Patterns

collage of four different free crochet coaster patterns, all square or rectangular

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Juliet Coaster – ChristaCoDesign: A simple square coaster gets a fresh update with the picot edging.
  • Totally Tropical Coasters – Flo and Dot for LoveCrafts: These tropical coasters are so bright and fun!
  • Mug Rug (zig zag or striped) – Crochet it Creations: The chevron pattern on these is adorable, but the pattern also includes simple stripes if it’s more your speed.
  • Boho Mug Rug – TWC Handmade: The texture and fringe on this mug rug adds such cute boho flair.
collage of four different free crochet coaster patterns (mug rug, frog, cat, and round)

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Simple Fringed Mug Rug – You Should Craft: This easy pattern is the ultimate beginner crochet coaster. You don’t even have to know how to weave in your ends!
  • Colorful Quick & Easy Coaster – The Loopy Lamb: Ashley alternated rounds of bright colors for these pretty round coasters.
  • Cute Cat Coasters – Crochet 365 Knit Too: Okay, STOP. These colorful cats are the cutest!
  • Frog Coaster – Stitch by Fay: Just a sweet little frog head poppin’ up, no big deal. 🐸

Flower Crochet Coasters (Free Patterns)

The next two sets of four are all flower crochet coasters. Well, technically one is a cactus but the cactus has a flower on it too. The first four have flower petals or points around the edges, and the second set of coasters is mostly round.

collage of four different free crochet coaster patterns, all shaped like flowers

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Sunrise Coaster – TL Yarn Crafts: Look at all that color! The Sunrise Coaster has a petal border made with shell stitches (similar to the Flower Face Scrubbies).
  • Sunflower Coaster – Desert Blossom Crafts: The tweed flecks in the yarn make the center look more like a real sunflower, don’t you think?
  • Picot Points Coaster – Sweet Bee Crochet: The center of these bright coasters reminds me of lovely spring flowers.
  • Unique Flower Coaster – Desert Blossom Crafts: These cute flower coasters look a bit like daisies.

Round Crochet Coasters (Free Patterns)

The last four free coaster patterns are all round-ish flowers and plants.

collage of four different free crochet coaster patterns, all round and floral

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Cactus Coasters – Sewrella: The little crochet storage pot is too much! These cacti coasters are so sweet.
  • Sunflower Coasters – Crochet 365 Knit Too: These hexagonal coasters are crocheted in sunflower colors.
  • Spring Blooms Coaster – The Unraveled Mitten: Crocheted in solid colors, the stitch pattern of thes Spring Blooms Coasters looks like a beautiful flower.
  • Crochet Flower Coasters – Annie Design Crochet: I love the crab stitch border and all the different bright color combinations on these flower coasters.

More Free Crochet Patterns

That’s all the coasters I have for you today. If you’re looking for more pattern round-ups, I’ve gotcha covered. Here are a few more crochet pattern collections from the blog:

collage of six pictures of crocheted coasters with text overlay that reads, "crochet coasters - free patterns curated by you should craft"

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best size for a crochet coaster?

The best size for coasters is between 3 – 5 inches across. When choosing the best size for your coasters, be sure to consider the size of your glasses or drinks. For reference, the bottoms of soda cans and pint glasses are approximately 2.5 inches across and the bottom of my 40 ounce water bottle is 3.5 inches across.

What’s the best yarn for crochet coasters?

Cotton yarn is the best yarn for crochet coasters. It’s absorbent, durable, washable, and has excellent stitch definition. I recommend a worsted weight cotton like Dishie or Sugar n Cream. Both are inexpensive (about $3 per ball) and come in lots of beautiful colors. Lion Brand’s 24/7 Cotton is also a popular choice. It’s a bit more expensive ($5 per ball) but the fibers are mercerized (woven together), which reduces splitting.

Are crochet coasters useful?

Yes, crochet coasters are useful as coasters to keep your furniture safe from condensation (from cold drinks) and heat (from hot drinks). Since coasters are small, they’re also an excellent way to use up yarn scraps or try out new crochet stitches. Plus they’re adorable, so you can use coasters to style your home decor.

Do crochet coasters work well?

Yep – crochet coasters work well. They’re crocheted with cotton, so coasters can absorb the liquid from small spills or condensation. Cotton holds up to heat, so crochet coasters help protect tables from hot beverages.

What’s the best crochet stitch for a coaster?

There is no one best crochet stitch for a coaster. However, I recommend choosing a flat, solid stitch for the inside of your coaster. Too much texture will make drinks unsteady and too many holes will leave spaces for water to drip onto your table.

What’s the easiest stitch for a coaster?

The easiest stitch for coasters is the single crochet stitch (sc). Whether crocheted in rows or rounds, single crochet will create a solid fabric without many holes.

How long does it take to crochet a coaster?

If you’re making a round or rectangular coaster in a simple stitch (like sc, hdc, or dc), you can finish in 15 – 30 minutes. Coaster patterns with a lot of color changes, complicated stitches, or fringe might take closer to an hour to complete.

Are coasters and mug rugs the same?

They’re similar, but mug rugs are typically larger and rectangular. Coasters are usually square or round. Mug rugs might have more holes than a coaster as they’re more for mugs of hot coffee, rather than ice cold drinks that create a lot of condensation. A decent sized coaster could easily accommodate a mug as well.

collage of six pictures of crocheted coasters with text overlay that reads, "free crochet coaster pattens - curated by you should craft"