Hello and welcome to You Should Craft, your destination for simple crochet patterns for busy millennials.

So you’re probably wondering, what you can expect from You Should Craft?! Or at least you should be wondering that!

  • Do you like bright, step-by-step photo tutorials, featuring the color blue?
  • How about modern, simple projects for bitchin’ peeps?
  • And crochet patterns that aren’t for grandmas? Well, at least not your average gran.

Is that a “Yes!” I hear?! Then hecks yes y’all! You’re in the right place!!

I provide my loyal readers with free crochet patterns, tips, tricks, and round-ups. You can count on You Should Craft for all your crochet needs!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for crochet patterns you’d like to see, be sure to Contact Me or send a shout out on social media!

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woman holding a blue crochet cowl over her face

All About Alex

Hi y’all! I’m Alex, a designer with a sassy attitude and a lot of sarcasm.

My partner and I live in Durham, North Carolina with our two rescue dogs, who love squirrels like I love yarn. Maybe more? I don’t usually shake uncontrollably when I see yarn. Unless it’s on sale.

I LOVE crafts, crocheting, houseplants, gardening, and trying to make my house look presentable. When I’m not making stuff, I love Blogilates and the Peloton app, cooking (I guess that’s also making stuff), reading, movie marathons, and talking about how cute my dogs are (so cute!).

Much of my life has been spent crafting. My mom is the queen of kid’s crafts. We were always drawing, making hemp necklaces, tie dying, or crafting Christmas ornaments. The same mom who helped me set up a stand at the farmers market to sell my necklaces and “beady buddies” (pony bead creations shaped like animals) helped me with my DIY wedding in 2013. She’s the best. ♥️

When I was five or six, two aunts and my grandma taught me how to crochet and knit. My knitting was horrific and I haven’t picked up needles for years (like… 20 years), but the crocheting stuck! I started off crocheting dozens of scarves, a failed baby blanket (I never finished and the intended recipient is in her late 20s), and a flamenco dress for my sister’s teddy bear. I’ve since graduated to writing my own patterns and sharing them with y’all on the blog!

Anyway, enough about me. It’s time to bust out your crochet hooks, yarn, sewing machine, and whatever else you need — let’s craft! Isn’t that the whole point of this blog?

You. Should. Craft.

But don’t worry friends, I’ll teach you how!