Cute Crochet Keychain Wristlet Pattern & Video (Free)

This crochet keychain wristlet pattern is an easy, beginner-friendly project. You only need 15 minutes and 15 yards of yarn to crochet your own.

This new crochet keychain wristlet pattern is made with a single stitch for an easy, beginner-friendly project. You’ll only need 15 minutes and 15 yards of worsted weight cotton yarn to crochet the Luna Keychain Wristlet. This handy accessory can be worn on the wrist or clipped to your bag, making it the perfect way to keep your keys or wallet close at hand.

woman's hand on a white marble background with three crocheted wristlets on her wrist (blue, mint, and purple). text overlay reads "crochet keychain wristlet -"

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Crochet Keychain Wristlet Pattern Inspiration

I love feeling accomplished when I finish a project, so I like to mix quick projects in with more laborious projects like blankets and sweaters. This crochet keychain pattern was the perfect palate cleanser after the Henry Blanket. You’ll only need about 15 minutes to finish up a crochet keychain wristlet.

The Luna Keychain Wristlet features the linked double crochet stitch, so there’s a horizontal line detail and no annoying gaps to deal with. It also means that Luna is a great crochet keychain for beginners, since you don’t need to do any fancy stitch patterns.

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three crochet keychain wristlets and a pink and gold crochet hook on a white marble background

How to Crochet the Keychain Wristlet

Wondering how do you crochet a keychain wristlet? It’s easy! For the Luna Keychain Wristlet, we’ll crochet a strip using the linked double crochet, then fold it over and join the keychain. Ringing in at less than 15 yards and only about 15 minutes to make, this free crochet keychain pattern is an excellent stashbuster. If you have worsted weight cotton yarn leftover from a larger project like the Ripple Dish Towel, Lilac Potholder or the Wagon Wheel Potholder, you’ve come to the right place!


The Luna Keychain Wristlet pattern is crocheted with two strands of worsted weight cotton yarn, so it works up extra fast. I used Dishie from WeCrochet, which is one of my favorite worsted weight cotton yarns. It’s less splitty than other cotton yarns and holds up well over time. I used Verdigris, Azure, and Mulberry for this project. If you don’t have Dishie on hand, you can sub out another worsted weight cotton yarn, like Lily Sugar n Cream or Premiere Home Cotton.

I chose a J 6.0 mm hook to keep the stitches tight. Y’all know I love my gorgeous Furls Fiberarts hooks, and I went with a peach Odyssey for the Luna Keychain.

You’ll also need some sort of keyring or lobster clasp so you can attach your keys or wallet to the crochet keychain. I made two versions, one with a 1.2 inch flat keyring, and one with a swivel lobster clasp that had a 1-inch D ring. I got it all from Amazon.

woman's hand holding a key fob attached to a blue crochet wristlet on her wrist. text overlay reads, "keychain wristlet - free crochet pattern & video -"

Supplies / Materials

Gauge / Size

Gauge: 4 x .75 inches = 1 row of 11 ldc

Flat Size: 11 inches long x .75 inches wide

Folded Size: 5.5 inches long x .75 inches wide

Abbreviations / Techniques

Pattern Notes

  • ch-3 doesn’t count as a st
  • To customize the keychain size, ch any number + 3

Crochet Keychain Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will walk you through a Luna keychain from start to finish, including how to join the keyring or lobster clasp at the end.

Crochet Keychain Wristlet – Free Pattern

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ch 33 with two strands of yarn [photo a]

ROW 1 (RS): insert hook in 2nd ch from hook, yo and pull up a loop, insert hook into 4th ch from hook, yo and pull up a loop, finish as dc, ldc across (30) [photo b]

Trim yarn, leaving an 8-inch tail. Pull your hook through and pull the yarn tight. [photo c] Fold the wristlet strip in half so the RS is facing out

Place the key chain or lobster clasp at the top of the opening. With the tapestry needle, whip stitch around both ends of the wristlet and the keychain/clasp. Weave in ends.

For more help with how to attach the keychain to the crochet strip, check out the video tutorial.

step-by-step image collage demonstrating how to crochet a keychain wristlet

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woman's hand holding two crochet keychain wristlets (blue and mint), one with a honda key fob attached

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most common questions about crochet keychains.

What yarn is best for keychains?

I love cotton yarn because it’s durable and has nice stitch definition. Two strands of worsted weight yarn are held double for the Luna Keychain Wristlet pattern, but you could also use a bulky or super bulky yarn. The yarn weight you choose for your crochet keychain will totally depend on what pattern you decide to follow.

How long does it take to crochet a keychain?

It depends on the keychain of course, but you can finish up a Luna Keychain Wristlet in about 15 minutes. Pretty sweet, right?!