The crochet patterns shared on You Should Craft are original crochet patterns by Alex from You Should Craft. The pattern design and images are copyright protected and the sole property of Alex / You Should Craft. Please don’t alter, copy, distribute, sell, or share this pattern without prior permission, and don’t claim this pattern as your own.

Products made using this pattern can be sold (at craft fairs, on Etsy, etc.) as long as is credited and linked. However, permission is not granted for the use of my photos in your listing pictures — please take your own pictures of your finished items.

Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing.

If you’d like to share the patterns on You Should Craft, please link to the free version that’s available on my website (, rather than hosting the pattern on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I crocheted something with your ____ pattern, can I sell the finished item in my Etsy shop?
    • Absolutely! Please attribute the pattern to You Should Craft and link back to
  • I’m working on a project using your design, can I share pictures on social media?
    • Of course! Please tag me (@youshouldcraft) so I can see and share your work!
  • I tweaked your pattern (e.g. changed the colors, adjusted the size, etc.), do I need to credit you?
    • Yep! If you used my pattern or were inspired by my design (or anyone’s design), you should be crediting me and linking back to
  • I love your pictures, can I use them in my Etsy/Shopify/Ebay/etc. listing?
    • Thank you! But no — please take your own pictures for your listing.
  • Can I include your pattern in a round-up on my blog?
    • Of course! You can include a link to any of my patterns in a round-up, as well as one image per pattern that can be included in the post and/or as part of a collage for promotional/Pinterest images.
  • Can I create a Pinterest image using your image, which will link to my own website?
    • No — This is a copyright violation. If you’re creating a round-up post and one of my patterns is included in the round-up, you can use one of my images in a collage that is shared on Pinterest.