Round Boho Bobble Coasters – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet your own textured coasters with bohemian flair. The free Boho Bobble Coaster pattern utilizes bobble stitches and fringe for a fun, cotton coaster.
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Have y’all seen those fringed macrame coasters around the interwebs? Here’s an example from Curly Made, but honestly, they’re everywhere! And for good reason, because they’re super adorable. The only problem is that I don’t know how to do macrame and I already have a lot of crafts in my life. So, I didn’t really feel like learning how to make macrame coasters. Maybe one day though, right?

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But great news! I can crochet! And if you can too, read on to get my crochet twist on the popular fringed coasters. These boho bobble coasters work up quickly and only use 30 yards of yarn, so they’re great for busting that cotton yarn stash. Like, why are there so many cute colors of cotton yarn? Anyway, I love these bobble coasters! The sweet little bobbles add texture and frame the glass/mug/whatever you’re setting down and the fringe adds a little bohemian flair. A square version is also available!

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I used “Blueberry” Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn for my boho bobble coasters (leftover from my cabled dishcloth), but you can use any brand of worsted weight cotton yarn. I didn’t want gaps in my coasters (to protect my wood coffee table), so I used a G 4.5 mm hook, which is one size smaller than what’s recommended on the Sugar ‘n Cream package.

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rectangular basket with white towel and two crocheted boho bobble coasters

Supplies / Materials:

Abbreviations / Techniques:

Gauge / Size:

Gauge is not important for this project.

Finished boho bobble coasters will be 5 inches in diameter without fringe and 6 inches in diameter with fringe.

Bobble Stitch Instructions

  1. yo, insert hook into stitch and pull through one loop. yo, pull through two loops. (You’re crocheting the first 2/3 of a double crochet)
  2. Repeat step 1 four more times (in the same stitch). You should have six loops on your hook.
  3. yo, pull through all six loops
  4. ch 1

If you need a quick refresher or haven’t crocheted the bobble stitch yet, I have a photo tutorial and a YouTube video to help you out.

hands crocheting a coaster with scissors, yarn, tapestry needles, and a mug in the background

Round Boho Bobble Coaster Pattern:

You can pick up a low-cost, ad-free PDF on Etsy or Ravelry.


  • Rounds 1-7 are continuous. You will not join to the first stitch.
  • Use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each round

Begin with a magic ring
Round 1: ch 1, sc 6 into ring (6)
Round 2: 2 sc into every stitch around (12)
Round 3: *1 sc, 2 sc* six times (18)
Round 4: *2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc* six times (24)
Round 5: *1 sc, 2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc* six times (30)
Round 6: *1 sc, 1 sc, 1sc, 1sc, 2 sc* six times (36)
Round 7: *1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc* six times, join to first st with sl st (42)

hand crocheting bobble stitches on a coaster

Round 8: ch 1, turn, *1 sc, bobble, ch, 1 sc* 14 times, join to first st with sl st (56)
Round 9: ch 1, turn, sc around (56)
Invisible join, trim yarn, and weave in ends

collage of four images demonstrating how to add fringe to the crochet coasters

Adding the Fringe:

Cut 56 short pieces of yarn. I used a gift card as a template, which resulted in pieces that were a little less than 3.5 inches long. (see top left and right pictures)

Push your hook through a stitch. Loop two pieces of yarn onto your hook (bottom left) and pull through the stitch. Loop the yarn over your hook again and pull it through the starting loop (bottom right).

Add fringe to every other stitch, all the way around the coaster.

collage of two images, depicting how to brush and trim fringe on crocheted coasters

Using a small comb, brush out the fringe and unravel the yarn (top picture). I found this worked best if I combed on a soft surface (e.g. a couch pillow or your leg).

Using scissors, trim the fringe to about half an inch long (bottom picture). After trimming the fringe on several coasters, I had a pretty big pile of extra yarn fluff, which I’m saving to use as amigurumi filling.

hand holding a white mug on crocheted bobble coasters, with crochet hooks on the side

You’re done, homie! Repeat this pattern a few more times so you can have a whole set of boho bobble coasters ready for when you’re allowed to have people over again. I’m thinking of making a set with several different shades of blue. 💙💙

If you make the Boho Bobble Coasters — share them with me on social media! Tag me (@youshouldcraft) and use #BohoBobbleCoaster so I can see your beautiful creations and share them in my stories.

If you’re hoping to mix up your set with a couple square coasters — head over here to the free pattern for the Square Boho Bobble Coasters!

collage of images of crocheted coasters with the words "free crochet pattern - boho bobble coasters"

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