Easy Double Crochet Blanket Pattern – Free with Video

The Double DC Blanket pattern is a free simple double crochet blanket pattern that uses dc stitches for both the throw and border. It's a beginner-friendly blanket pattern that features a video tutorial and instructions for eight sizes.

Looking for an easy crochet blanket pattern that uses only double crochet stitches? Then the Double DC Blanket is for you! Thick, colorful stripes are paired with white in this gorgeous chunky blanket pattern. It’s a beginner friendly free pattern that features double crochets and includes eight sizes, from baby blanket to large throw.

blue and white striped double crochet blanket thrown over a grey chair next to a houseplant

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Double Crochet Stitch Blanket Pattern Inspiration

Lately I’ve been sharing small, quick patterns like the Divine Dice Bag, Flower Earrings, Boho Earrings, and Luna Keychain Wristlet. Sometimes you’ve gotta mix it up with bigger WIPs! Plus, I found out my brother-in-law was having a baby and I firmly believe that every fresh baby needs a handmade blanket.

I immediately started planning and testing color combinations. An unexpected time crunch came up when my in-laws decided to visit us, so I rushed to finish before they left so they could bring the blanket to the baby shower in Chicago.

Luckily, chunky yarn and double crochet stitches work up quickly! I was able to finish a crib / toddler sized version of the Double DC blanket in a weekend.

collage of four pictures of a striped blanket. pink rectangle with white text overlay reads: double crochet blanket pattern - youshouldcraft.com

Why double crochet stitches?

Double crochets are a standard crochet stitch, so they’re one of the first stitches a new crocheter learns when they pick up their hook. The Double DC blanket pattern uses ONLY double crochet stitches, for both the body and border. This means that even an absolute beginner who can only crochet one stitch can make a blanket or afghan! The border will help cover up those wiggly edges.

In addition to being beginner friendly, dc stitches are tall, work up quickly, and have great drape for a crochet blanket pattern. When paired with chunky weight yarn and a big crochet hook, your double crochet stitches will be flying off your hook. You’ll finish this double crochet blanket in no time!

I love easy double crochet blanket patterns so much that this is actually my second blanket that features double crochet stitches. Check out the Striped Baby Blanket for another all dc pattern that incorporates filet crochet. You’ll need two strands of worsted weight yarn in two different colors.

Tools Needed to Make a Double Crochet Blanket

The Double DC Blanket pattern uses #5 bulky weight acrylic yarn (Brava Bulky from WeCrochet) in four different colors. I chose three shades of blue with white for contrast, but you can use any color combination. Brava is a durable, washable acrylic yarn that’s budget friendly. You can grab a 100 gram / 136 yard skein for under $4. The video tutorial and pattern photos feature Brava Bulky in white, cornflower, peacock, and sky.

You could adjust the double crochet afghan’s stripe pattern to include either more or less colors, but the written instructions have chunky colored stripes separated by thin white stripes. If you don’t follow the exact stripe pattern, this would also be an excellent blanket pattern for using up scraps of bulky or chunky weight yarn.

I’ve paired an 8.0 mm hook with the bulky weight yarn, which is larger than the hook recommended on the yarn label. The bigger hook gives this easy double crochet baby blanket pattern excellent drape. If you’re a loose crocheter, you may need to size down your crochet hook in order to meet the throw pattern’s gauge.

Yarn Substitutions

Sometimes yarn substitutions are necessary. Whether you’re running low on Brava Bulky, it’s not available in your area, or you prefer another bulky weight yarn, here are some comparable types of yarn. This is not an all-inclusive list, so if you have another #5 bulky or chunky weight yarn you think might work, crochet a gauge swatch to see if it’s similar.

  • StyleCraft Special Chunky – this acrylic yarn has a similar price and 49 color options. You can purchase it from LoveCrafts.
  • Paintbox Simply Chunky – another acrylic chunky yarn available for just over $4 per 100 gram ball. You can find all 56 color choices at LoveCrafts.
  • Hue + Me – a Lion Brand x Two of Wands collab, Hue + Me is an acrylic-wool blend that comes in coordinating colors, all designed to match each other.
blue striped double crochet blanket on a grey chair next to an umbrella plant

How to Crochet the Double DC Blanket

This section includes notes, size charts, and materials for the double crochet blanket pattern. You can crochet the Double DC Blanket in eight different sizes, from baby blanket to large throw size.

Supplies / Materials

Blanket SizeYardage
Large Throw2889


4 x 4 inches: 5 rows of 8 dc

Size Chart for Double Crochet Blanket

This easy crochet baby blanket pattern comes in eight sizes, from baby blanket to large throw. The chart below shares the sizes (in inches), as well as the crochet chain length for each blanket size and the number of rows required.

If you have another size in mind, make a chain of any length and get started crocheting! Here’s a full list of common blanket sizes and measurements (plus a free size chart PDF).

Size (in)Starting ch# of Rows
Baby27 x 315730
Stroller33.5 x 315738
Receiving40 x 407546
Lapghan40 x 489146
Crib/Toddler40 x 6011546
Throw46.25 x 6011554
Afghan46.25 x 6512554
Large Throw59 x 7213970

Abbreviations / Techniques

Pattern Notes

  • ch-2 counts as dc
  • Starting chain and row counts are written as Baby (Stroller, Receiving, Lapghan, Crib/Toddler, Throw, Afghan, Large Throw)
  • Stitch counts are written as (Baby, Stroller, Receiving, Lapghan, Crib/Toddler, Throw, Afghan, Large Throw)
  • To customize the blanket size, ch any number.

Video Tutorial for Double Crochet Blanket

To help you out, here’s a full video tutorial which will walk you through both the body and the border of the double crochet blanket pattern.

Double DC Blanket Pattern

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Body of Double Crochet Blanket

ch 57 (57, 75, 91, 115, 115, 125, 139)

ROW 1 (WS): dc in third ch from hook, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

ROWS 2 (RS): ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

ROWS 3 – 6: ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

Switch to White

ROWS 7 – 8: ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

Switch to Color B

ROWS 9 – 14: ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

Switch to White

ROWS 15 – 16: ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

Switch to Color C

ROWS 17 – 22: ch 2 and turn, dc across (56, 56, 74, 90, 114, 114, 124, 138)

Repeat stripe pattern (Color A, white, Color B, white, Color C, etc.) until you finish ROW 30 (38, 46, 46, 46, 54, 54, 70)

blue and white striped double crochet blanket thrown over a wooden chair next to an umbrella plant

Border of Double Crochet Blanket

Change to Border Color

ROUND 1: ch 2, rotate blanket 45 degrees and begin crocheting down the side. Crochet 2 dc around the edge dc in each row and 1 dc in each dc along the top and bottom. When you reach a corner, dc 5 around each corner st. Join to top of turning ch with sl st.

ROUND 2: ch 2 but don’t turn, dc in each st around with 3 dc in each corner. Trim yarn, leaving a 6-8 inch tail. Invisible join to first st and weave in ends.

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blue and white striped afghan thrown over a grey chair. pink rectangle with white text overlay reads: double crochet blanket pattern

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most common questions about double crochet blankets.

Is crocheting a double crochet blanket easy?

Yes! It’s super easy to crochet a double crochet blanket. If you can make a starting chain and a double crochet stitch, you’re ready to make this blanket. There’s also a border, which helps cover up uneven edges that beginners sometimes experience.

Can I make a blanket with just double crochet?

Absolutely! The Double DC Blanket pattern uses ONLY one stitch – the double crochet – for both the body and border. The Striped Baby Blanket also uses only dc stitches.

How much yarn do I need for a double crochet blanket?

The Double DC Blanket pattern is available in eight sizes. Depending on the size you choose, you’ll need between 387 – 2889 yards of Brava Bulky yarn.

Is single or double crochet better for a blanket?

Double crochet stitches will have more drape and work up more quickly because they’re taller than single crochet stitches. Single crochet blankets will use more yarn than double crochet blankets. However, you can make a beautiful blanket with either stitch.

Can babies use crochet blankets?

Babies can use crochet blankets for play, with supervision. For babies under one year old, the American Pediatric Association recommends keeping their crib clear of blankets, pillows, and toys until the baby is at least 12 months old.

Where can I find double crochet blanket free patterns?

There are two free double crochet afghan patterns on YouShouldCraft.com – the Double DC Blanket (above) and the Striped Baby Blanket