Boho Earrings Crochet Pattern + Free SVG Cut File

This adorable boho earrings crochet pattern combines laser cut wood with DK weight cotton yarn. The free pattern includes an svg cut file to laser cut your own earring blanks.

Like its sister pattern (the flower earrings), the boho earrings crochet pattern is built around a wooden earring base. You can make your own with a laser cutter (like the xTool M1), or purchase wooden blanks from Amazon or Etsy. Boho earrings are an easy two-row crochet pattern that requires less than 10 yards of DK weight yarn. You’ll be able to crochet a pair of boho earrings in thirty minutes or less.

profile view of a white woman's ear with a wooden crocheted earring. purple overlay with white text reads: boho earrings - free crochet pattern & svg

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Inspiration for the Boho Earrings Crochet Pattern

When xTool sent over their M1 hybrid laser and blade cutter, I was most excited about cutting wood. I made diy stitch markers as well as flower earrings. Crocheting only one type of earring seemed boring, so I used half of the wooden blanks for this cute boho earring crochet pattern. This pattern also gave me a chance to use some of the “waste” from the earring blanks — the center rounds and semi-circles.

The result is a gorgeous long boho earring. Isn’t the combo of wood and yarn so yummy?

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wooden background showing sample of the flower earrings svg cut file. text at bottom and top reads: - svg png free eps dxf

Boho Crochet Earrings SVG File

Your SVG cut file will include templates for three pairs of 1.5 inch earrings, as well as cut-outs for the wooden rounds and half circles, as well as a pair of smaller earrings. Sign up below to receive your earring SVG via email ⬇⬇

Tools Needed to Crochet the Boho Earrings

The boho earrings crochet pattern uses Cotlin yarn, a DK weight blend of cotton and linen from WeCrochet. You can find Cotlin in 40 different lovely colors, and I chose “Surf” (an ocean blue) and “Whisper” (a light purple) to crochet the sample earrings.

To make the stitches tight and eliminate the need for fabric stiffener, I chose a 2.5mm hook from WeCrochet’s Dots set. It’s a teeny tiny hook that’s several sizes smaller than what’s recommended on the Cotlin label. Because the hook is so much smaller than what’s recommended, it sometimes catches the yarn and causes more splitting than usual.

Once you’ve crocheted the boho earrings and woven in the ends, you’ll attach your findings (jump ring and earring hook) and the decorative shapes using jewelry pliers.

Special Tools

In order to crochet the boho earrings, you’ll need round 1.5 inch wooden earring blanks. I cut mine with the xTool M1 hybrid laser and blade cutter, which also meant that I got to keep the “waste” from the center of each earring. Check out my full M1 review to learn more about this awesome laser cutter.

If you have a laser cutter at home (or a friend who’s down to share), be sure to grab the free earring SVG file above so you can cut your own earring blanks.

You can also purchase some cute pre-made wooden earring blanks like these earrings with floral cut-outs from Amazon or these rainbows from Etsy.

two pairs of wooden crochet earrings on a white marble background (flower earrings and boho earrings)
flower earrings (left) and boho earrings (right)

Yarn Substitutions

Cotlin is a DK weight cotton/linen blend, but you can substitute for any DK weight cotton yarns like Paintbox Cotton DK (from LoveCrafts) or Friends Cotton 8/8 from Hobbii. You’ll need approximately seven yards for a pair of boho earrings, so there’s no need to buy a new skein if you already have some DK weight cotton scraps in your stash.

How to Make the Wooden Earring Bases or Blanks

Before you begin crocheting a pair of boho earrings, you’ll need the wooden earring blanks or bases. This tutorial will walk you through how to laser cut your own using the xTool M1 hybrid laser and blade cutter.

Skip ahead if you plan to purchase your own wooden earring blanks like these earrings with floral cut-outs from Amazon or rainbows from Etsy.

Supplies for Earring Blanks

1. Set up the triangular prisms and basswood

Place the triangular prisms across the working area of the xTool M1 and lay a piece of 3mm basswood on top. Turn on the machine.

2. Upload the SVG file and choose the settings

Connect the xTool M1 to your computer and open the XCS software.

Click “Image” on the left side and upload the earrings SVG file. Choose which earrings you want to laser cut (I kept them all) and move them to the part of the basswood that you want to cut.

screenshot from the xtool creative space program, demonstrating how to choose the settings for the earrings

On the right side of XCS, choose the 3mm basswood plywood setting and set the height to “triangular prism” if you’re using them. Next, drag to highlight or click on each part of the earrings and set them to “cut.” Everything will be cut except for the flower decoration on one pair, which should be set to “engrave.”

3. Frame the project

Once you’re happy with your settings and earring placement, click the green “process” button in the lower right corner of xTool Creative Suite (XCS).

This will bring up the framing menu and a preview of the earrings. Click the green “framing” button, then complete framing by pushing the round button on the xTool M1. When the machine stops framing, push the round button again. Click the green “Framing completed” button on XCS.

screenshot of the framing screen in the xtool creative space (xcs) software

4. Cut the earring blanks

After framing twice, click the green “start” button in the upper right corner of XCS. Push the round button on your M1.

Ignore the time estimate — it’s not always accurate. Mine estimated two minutes, but it took about nine minutes for the xTool M1 10W to cut out all three pairs of earrings from the basswood.

screenshot from the xtool creative space (xcs) software, showing the framing screen, image preview, and start button

How to Crochet the Boho Earrings

Once you’ve cut your wooden earring blanks, it’s time to start crocheting the boho earrings. Set aside the earrings you want to use, as well as the decorative pieces. I made one pair with the wooden rounds and one pair with the half-circles.

crochet boho earrings and jewelry findings on a white marble background

Supplies / Materials

two skeins of cotlin yarn (whisper and surf) on a white marble background

Gauge / Size

Gauge is not important for the crochet boho earring pattern, as long as your stitches are tight.

The finished earring size depends on which combination of wooden rounds and decorative accents you choose, but each earring will be approximately 2.5 – 3 inches long x 2.5 inches wide (without earring hooks).

Abbreviations / Techniques

Pattern Notes

  • ch-1 doesn’t count as a st
  • Pattern utilizes crochet shorthand. “2 sc” means to crochet two sc in one st, “sc 2” means to crochet one sc in each of the next two stitches
  • Some wooden earring blanks have a clear front and back. If you’re right-handed, begin with the back of the wooden earring facing you. If you’re left-handed, begin with the front facing you.

Boho Earrings Crochet Pattern

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ROW 1 (WS): join yarn to earring and sc 16 onto earring blank (16)

Join yarn by inserting your hook into the center of the earring (photo a), pulling up a loop and yarning over (photo b), and pulling through the loop (photo c).

sc as usual, acting as if the center of the wooden earring is the top of a stitch (photo d).

collage of four step-by-step images demonstrating how to join yarn and crochet the first row of the earrings pattern

ROW 2 (RS): ch 1 and turn, 2 sc in each st across (32)
Trim yarn and weave in ends with a tapestry needle.

Adding the Earring Findings – Crochet Boho Earrings Tutorial

Hold the 10mm jump ring with one set of jewelry pliers on each side of the opening gap. Gently pull one side of the jump ring toward you and one side away from you (photos e & f)

Once the jump ring gap is large enough, slide the wooden crochet earring onto the jump ring (photo g). Add the wooden round or semi-circle (photo h) and gently close the jump ring with the pliers (photo i).

step by step image collage demonstrating the first four steps of adding the jewelry findings to the boho crochet earrings

Open the 8mm jump ring with the pliers. Add the earring and earring hook (photo j). Gently close the jump ring.

step by step image collage demonstrating how to close the jump ring and add the hook to the crochet boho earrings

Repeat this process for the second boho earring to complete the set.

two crocheted wooden earrings on a white marble background. purple rectangle with white text overlay reads: boho earrings free crochet pattern & svg

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collage of four different pictures of purple and blue crocheted earrings with wooden accents. purple overlay with white text reads: boho earrings - free crochet pattern & svg -

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most common questions about crochet boho earrings.

Is crocheting boho earrings easy?

This pattern’s difficulty level is “easy.” It uses standard single crochets (sc), but they’re crocheted onto a wooden earring rather than other stitches or chains.

How do you crochet boho earrings?

This boho earring pattern uses a wooden circle as a base for a simple crocheted earring. You’ll use wooden accents to add interest and length to the earrings.