How to Change Colors in Crochet – Tutorial and Video

Tutorial and video to teach new crocheters how to change colors in crochet patterns, in order to create stripes and colorblocks.

It’s Day 14 of the newbie series, and we’re about to learn how to change colors in crochet patterns. Up until today, our beginner projects have all been with monochrome, but bring on the stripes and the colorblocks! There will be more ends to weave, but we’re ready! 😉

purple and blue striped swatch with text "how to crochet striped rows - beginner crochet tutorial from you should craft"

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If you follow along with today’s lesson and video, you’ll be able to:

  • change colors at the end of a row

You can change colors or crochet stripes with any stitch, but we’ll practice with the half-double crochet, since that’s the unit we’re in right now.

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Supplies / Materials

You just need a hook, two or more colors of yarn, and standard notions.

For this tutorial, I used:

NOTE: My friends at WeCrochet provided the materials for the Newbie Series.

Video Tutorial

How to Change Colors in Crochet

Begin by crocheting the beginning row(s) of your project, in your first color. When you reach the last stitch before you need to change colors, you will:

  • a.) complete all but the last yarn over of the last stitch. Trim yarn, leaving a tail of ~6 inches
  • b.) yarn over using your new color
  • c.) pull the new color through in order to finish the last stitch of the row
  • d.) ch 1 (or however many the pattern calls for) and turn
step-by-step collage demonstrating how to change colors in crochet

Once you’ve finished changing colors, crochet as usual using your new color.

Repeat these steps every time you reach a color change row in your work.

purple and blue striped crochet swatch and a red crochet hook on a white background