Braids and Twists Chunky Throw – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet a chunky throw with braids and twisted cables. This free crochet pattern uses two strands of Bernat blanket yarn to create a squishy, snuggly blanket.

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We have four weddings to go to this year and my husband is a groomsman in two of them. None of them are in Denver and none of them are skippable — it’s all brothers and best friends. It’s gonna be expensive, y’all! I’ve been brainstorming handmade gifts I could make that will save us a little $$$, and I thought about those super chunky knit throws.

Side view of a blue crocheted blanket with cables and braided chains.

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Now, I basically can’t knit to save my life (unless you want an uneven scarf?), but I can crochet the shit out of a blanket! The hubs agreed that throws would be cute presents, so it was settled. Then, basically the same day I decided to crochet some chunky throw blankets, I received an email advertising $5/skein Bernat blanket yarn. The big skeins! 🔥🔥 Um YESSS PLEASE! 🔥🔥

Two balls of Bernat Blanket Yarn ("Baby Teal" color) on a white background.

This was my first project with Bernat blanket yarn, and it’s pretty amazing! If you haven’t used it before, it’s a #6 super bulky yarn that’s made from some sort of extra soft chenille. I used two strands to make an even chunkier crochet throw and it is unbelievably squishy. The Bernat blanket yarn takes a little getting used to — I crocheted slower and had to use my hands more than usual in order to get the chunky yarn over my 25 mm crochet hook. Even with the blanket yarn learning curve, this crochet throw blanket still works up quickly.

The base of the blanket is double crochets, with the addition of twisted cables and braided chains to add texture and interest (and boost the squish-factor). The pattern utilizes back and front post crochets and has a single crochet border. My finished throw is about 46 x 48 inches, but my dog kept rolling on it while I was trying to measure, so it might be slightly larger.

Vertical image of a blue chunky crochet throw blanket with cables and braided chains.

6 – 10.5 oz skeins of Bernat blanket or baby blanket yarn (I used baby blanket in “Baby Teal”)
25 mm crochet hook (I bought this set from Amazon – it includes several big hooks as well as tapestry needles and stitch markers)

Chain – ch
Slip stitch – sl st
Single crochet – sc
Double crochet – dc
Back-post double crochet – bpdc
Front-post treble crochet – fptr
Back-post double treble crochet – bpdtr
Skip – sk
Back loops only – BLO

Snag the Braids and Twists Throw Crochet Pattern
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Labeled vertical image with two pictures of a blue crocheted throw - Free Crochet Pattern - Braids + Twists Throw

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