All the Crochet Blanket Sizes + FREE Size Chart PDF

All the crochet blanket sizes you need for babies, adults, and bedspreads. Plus, download a free size chart PDF with 16 common blanket sizes in inches and centimeters.

If you’ve ever wondered about crochet blanket sizes and how much yarn to use for a blanket, keep reading! This post includes a description of common blankets and sizes, as well as a free crochet blanket size chart PDF with common blanket sizes in both inches and centimeters. You’ll also find tips and tricks for crocheting blankets and afghans for babies, adults, and beds.

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The Myth of Standard Crochet Blanket Sizes

Okay, so it turns out that “standard” crochet blanket and afghan sizes are different everywhere. Unfortunately, that means there aren’t actually standard crochet blanket sizes. Thankfully, most of the sizes I found online were within a few inches of each other. The measurements in the charts below are based on my research into crochet blanket sizes. Basically, they’re an average of the handmade blanket size ranges I found.

Free Crochet Blanket Size Chart PDF

You’ll have easy crochet blanket sizes thanks to a free printable size guide. This post and the free crochet blanket sizes PDF include inches and centimeters for 16 different blanket types. You’ll find size information for everything from little loveys to baby blankets and afghans, all the way up to California King bedspreads.

You can find the blanket size guides and details in this post, or sign up below to receive the handy printable size chart. It includes common crochet blanket sizes in inches and centimeters. ⬇️⬇️

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Common Crochet Baby Blanket Sizes and Types

Babies need blankets for all sorts of stuff – carrying, snuggling, swaddling, rolling, playing, and whatever else babies do. The size baby blanket you make will depend on the size/age of the child and the intended use. Blankets designed to be carried around (like a lovey or security blanket) will be smaller than blankets made for strollers, sleeping, or for use as a play mat.

Regardless of the size, a well-made baby blanket has the potential to become a family heirloom that can be used for years. It’s been over 30 years and my family still has the blankets my great grandmother crocheted for me and my siblings when we were born.

Note: the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under one year old have nothing in their crib while sleeping (including blankets). Crochet blankets should only be used by babies when supervised by an adult.

white and blue striped crochet blanket on a grey chair next to an umbrella plant

Crochet Baby Blanket Size Chart in Inches and Centimeters

Here’s a size chart for common crochet baby blankets. For all the crochet afghan sizes in one place, download our free blanket size chart printable.

Lovey12 x 1230 x 30
Security16 x 1641 x 41
Baby Blanket30 x 3076 x 76
Stroller30 x 3676 x 91
Receiving Blanket40 x 40102 x 102
Crib / Toddler40 x 60102 x 152

Loveys and Security Blankets

A lovey or security blanket is a small, soft crochet blanket. They serve as comfort objects for babies and small children, and are small enough for a child to carry around easily. Loveys (or lovies) often feature bright colors and patterns. Some have a stuffed animal or other soft toy attached to the center or one corner.

Security blankets are usually just small blankets that the child carries around, like Linus in the Peanuts comics. Linus is part of the reason they’re called “security blankets.” Cool, right?!

Both loveys and security blankets provide comfort and security to a child. They soothe a child and help them feel more secure when away from their parents or caregivers, or when in unfamiliar or stressful situations. 

What’s the standard size for a crochet lovey or security blanket?

Crochet loveys are typically 12 x 12 inches, while security blankets are a bit bigger at 16 x 16 inches.

blue and grey striped crochet blanket on a white background

Baby Blankets and Receiving Blankets

Baby blankets come in all shapes and sizes. However, when you think about crocheting a blanket for a newborn or a baby shower, baby blankets and receiving blankets are the size that most people plan to make. The best size for these types of baby blankets is between 30 – 40 inches square.

It’s also important to consider the shape when choosing your baby afghan size. If you’re crocheting a round, star, or animal-shaped blanket, you might want to make it slightly larger. Sizing up will make up for the fabric area that’s missing from the corners or cut-outs.

What is the standard size for a crochet baby blanket?

The measurements for baby blankets depend on the intended purpose of the blanket. If you want to crochet a baby blanket for tummy time, couch snuggles, or tucking into a car seat, shoot for about 30 x 30 inches.

If you want to crochet a baby blanket for swaddling, go for a slightly larger size. Receiving blankets are typically around 40 x 40 inches and have extra fabric for swaddling or to grow with your baby.

Don’t worry too much about your baby blanket crochet size — anything between about 30 – 40 inches square will work. No mother is going to say, “I wanted to love this handmade blanket but it’s 36 x 38 inches.” At least not one who deserves the time, energy, and love you put into your crochet baby blanket!

woman holding a blue, grey, and purple striped crochet baby blanket

Can a baby sleep with a crochet blanket?

It depends on their age. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendation says blankets, pillows and toys be kept out of the crib until the child is at least 12 months old. After that, your child should be safe to sleep with a crochet blanket.

Is a crochet blanket safe for a baby?

Yes, crochet blankets can be safe for babies with adult supervision. Be sure to always supervise your baby with their blanket, especially if your child is less than one year old.

Stroller Blankets

A stroller blanket fits over a child’s lap or legs while riding in a stroller, especially in the chilly fall and winter months. You may also see a stroller blanket draped across the stroller itself.

Stroller blankets keep kiddos warm and comfy while out and about, so crochet them with soft, cozy yarn. Try adding some fun, functional extras to stroller blankets, like straps or loops that attach the blanket to the stroller, pockets for small toys or snacks, etc.

What’s the normal size for a crochet stroller blanket?

Stroller blankets are typically about 30 x 36 inches and are usually rectangular in shape.

Crib Blankets and Toddler Blankets

When it comes to crochet crib and toddler blankets, size matters! Since standard crib mattresses measure approximately 28 x 52 inches, crib blankets usually measure around 40 x 60 inches. This adds extra drape for snuggling up or tucking under the mattress. Plus, a well-made crochet blanket looks amazing hanging over the side of a child’s crib, don’t you agree?

Note: the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that cribs be clear of blankets, pillows, and toys until the child is at least 12 months old.

Toddler blankets are about the same size as crib blankets (40 x 60 inches), so the crochet blanket can follow your child as they grow up and move from the crib to their big kid bed. Your toddler will love using their crochet blanket for snuggling, car rides, and story time.

What’s the best size for a crochet crib blanket or toddler blanket?

A good size for both crochet crib blankets and toddler blankets is 40 x 60 inches.

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Crochet Blanket & Afghan Sizes for Adults

Adults need all different sizes of crochet blankets too. You know, lapghan size blankets to put over your legs while you crochet during The Bachelorette, throw blankets to snuggle up with your dog on the couch, and heirloom afghans for your best friend’s wedding.

Adult Crochet Blanket Size Chart in Inches and Centimeters

This size guide will help you choose the best size for crochet blankets meant for adults or home decor. I’ve included lapghans, throws, afghans, and large throws.

Lapghan36 x 4891 x 122
Throw50 x 60127 x 152
Afghan50 x 65127 x 165
Large Throw60 x 72152 x 183

Lap Blankets and Lapghans

If you’ve ever curled up with a blanket while reading a book in your favorite vintage chair, or covered your legs with a blanket on a car ride, you’ve used a lapghan! “Lapghan” is a combination of of lap blanket and afghan. Basically, a lapghan is a medium-sized blanket that keeps your legs warm while sitting.

What are the best crochet lap blanket dimensions or lap blanket sizes?

When you’re crocheting a lapghan or lap blanket for an adult, shoot for dimensions about 36 x 48 inches in size.

Throws, Throw Blankets, and Afghans

Throws and afghans are adult-sized blankets you can use for just about anything. Whether you need a decorative throw for styling your living room, a snuggly blanket to curl up with in the winter, or a blanket to wrap your dog into a burrito, a throw blanket is the answer.

What’s the difference between an afghan and a crochet throw blanket?

Technically nothing — throws and afghans are different words for crochet blankets. Typically, throws are larger blankets intended for adults while afghans might have qualifiers like “baby afghan.”

What are the measurements for a crochet throw blanket?

The perfect size for handmade throw blankets is about 50 x 60 inches. If you’d like a larger throw blanket, shoot for a 60 x 72 inches in size.

What size do you make a crochet afghan?

Crochet afghan sizes are usually around 50 x 65 inches.

light blue chunky crochet ripple blanket on a white surface

Sizes for Crochet Bedspreads

Of all the blankets discussed today, the bedding sizes are the only ones that *have* to be at least a certain size. If you’re crocheting a queen size bedspread, it needs to be able to cover the top of a queen size bed. Ideally, your crochet bedspread will also include some drape so the blanket falls over the sides like a comforter or duvet.

The diagram below shows standard mattress sizes (without drape).

black and white diagram depicting standard mattress sizes in inches and centimeters

Crochet Bedspread Size Chart in Inches and Centimeters

The bedding blanket sizes I’ve shared below include 13 – 20 inches of drape on three sides. This means that the blanket’s width will be 26 – 40 inches wider than a standard mattress and the length will be 13-20 inches longer. If you plan to tuck your crochet bedspread under the mattress, add a few more inches of drape.

Twin / Single65 x 90165 x 229
Twin XL65 x 100165 x 254
Full / Double85 x 90216 x 229
Queen90 x 100229 x 254
King108 x 100274 x 254
California King104 x 104264 x 264

Twin and XL Twin Size Crochet Blankets

Twin beds (also called single beds) sleep one person. A standard twin bed is 38 x 75 inches and an XL twin bed is five inches longer (80 inches). XL twin beds are most common in college dorms.

What size should a crochet blanket be to fit a twin bed?

After we add drape to each side of the bedspread and drape to the bottom, we get 65 x 90 inches for a crochet twin size blanket. Add an extra few inches for an XL twin (about 95 inches long).

Full, Double, and Queen Size Crochet Blankets

Full, double, and queen size beds typically sleep two people. If you stay in a friend’s guest room or in a hotel room with two beds, they’re most likely double or queen beds. Full or double beds are 53 x 75 inches. Queen beds are slightly larger at 60 x 80 inches.

How long is a full size crochet blanket?

A good size for a full or double bed blanket is about 85 x 90 inches. The 90 inch length will give you 15 inches of drape to cascade over the bottom of the bed.

How many crochet stitches do I need for a full size crochet blanket?

How many crochet stitches you need for a full size bedspread (or any crochet blanket) totally depends on your gauge. Gauge changes with your crochet hook, yarn, stitch pattern, and tension.

How long does it take to crochet a full size blanket?

The time it takes to crochet a full size blanket will depend on many factors, including your crochet speed, yarn, hook, and stitch. If you’re fast crocheter who chooses a big hook and super bulky yarn, you can probably finish a full size blanket in a weekend.

blue and grey crochet granny square blanket on a wood surface

What size is a crochet blanket for a queen bed?

Queen size crochet blankets are about 90 x 100 inches.

How many crochet stitches across for a queen size blanket?

While I would love to give you a straight answer, the truth is that the amount of crochet stitches you need for a queen size blanket all depends on your gauge. Blankets crocheted with super bulky yarn will require a lot less stitches than ones crocheted with DK weight yarn.

Crochet Blankets for King and California King Size Beds

King and California King size beds are the largest standard bed sizes. Kings are 76 x 80 inches, while California Kings are 72 x 84 inches. For reference, a king sized bed can sleep two adults and two medium sized dogs (ask me how I know 😉).

How big should a king sized crochet blanket be?

Crochet blankets for king sized beds should be about 108 x 100 inches. California king bedspreads are about 104 inches square.

How can you adjust the size of a crochet blanket pattern?

Most crochet afghan patterns (even free crochet patterns) will give you multiple size options, but they don’t always include the exact size you need. If you want to adjust the size of a crochet blanket pattern, you have a couple different options.

  • Figure out your gauge and do some math to adjust the chain (described below)
  • Add more or less rows (if you only need to change the length)
  • Add a crochet border on all sides (try a double crochet border or fun zig zag border)
  • Skip all this and crochet a center-out blanket or one made from smaller pieces (like a granny square blanket)

How many chains do you need to crochet a blanket?

Once you know the ideal size for a blanket, you’re ready to start crocheting, right?

Well, not quite. If you’re crocheting in rows, you’ll first need to figure out how many chains to crochet. The amount of chains or stitches all depends on the stitch, hook, and yarn you choose for your blanket. Most patterns will tell you how many chains are needed.

If you’re freehanding a blanket or adjusting the size of a pattern you found, you can measure the length of your starting chain. This will put you in the size ballpark, but not all stitches are created equal.

wooden gauge ruler on a grey crocheted swatch

Use Gauge to Determine Crochet Blanket Size and Chain Number

To truly know how many chains you need to crochet a blanket, begin by crocheting a gauge swatch with the stitch, hook, and yarn you plan to use for your blanket. Your swatch should be 5-6 inches square. Measure how many stitches and rows are in four inches to get your gauge. 

For example, the gauge (4×4 inches) for the chunky Henry Blanket is 4 rows of 8 linked dc stitches.

Now, determine what size you want your blanket to be. You’ll need to divide the desired width by 4 inches, then multiply by the number of stitches in 4 inches. 

chunky crochet baby blanket with blue stripes hung on the back of a wooden chair, next to an umbrella plant

Let’s make a 36 inch wide Henry Blanket. We’ll take the desired width (36 inches) divided by the gauge (4 inches) and multiply that by the number of stitches in the gauge (8 stitches). (36/4)*8 = 72 starting chains. Now just add the turning chain, which for ldc stitches is 3. A starting chain of 75 will give us 72 ldc stitches in each row of the Henry blanket.

Note: You’ll need to play around with the numbers if you’re using something with a large stitch repeat (like 10+2) or something that can vary based on where you measure (like a ripple stitch).

Help! What should you do if your crochet blanket is too small?

We’ve all been there. You busted your butt crocheting a blanket, only to measure and find out it’s too small to cover your legs. Frogging it and starting over is an option, but that’s too labor intensive.

If you’ve crocheted a blanket that’s too small, add a border! When it’s a little bit too small, add a simple single or double crochet border. If your crochet afghan is several inches too small, you can add more border rows, or use a wider border like this single crochet ribbing from Winding Road Crochet.

The Bobble Stripe Baby Blanket (shown below) features two rows of sc board and a fun zig zag bobble border.

Why is my crochet blanket too big?

When your crochet blanket is too big, it all boils down to gauge. It’s possible that your yarn was thicker than the yarn used in the pattern, maybe you crochet with looser tension than the designer, or maybe your hook size was off. Whatever the reason, learn from this lesson and check your gauge this time. Or don’t — is there such a thing as a blanket that’s too big?

Blanket Size Conclusion

This post covered A LOT of information about crochet blanket sizes and styles. We talked about all the most common types of blankets and the best sizes. Then, we covered how to determine the number of chains, how to use gauge to determine blanket size, and how to fix a crochet blanket that’s too small.

Don’t forget to download our free crochet blanket sizes chart!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve already answered some of the most frequently asked questions about crochet blanket sizes in the post above. Here are the leftover questions.

What’s the most popular blanket size?

Throw blankets are the most popular size for crochet blankets. Throw blankets are typically about 40 x 60 inches, which is great for chilling on the couch, decorative accents on a bed, or snuggling up on a long car ride.

How big is a 90 x 90 blanket?

A crochet blanket that’s 90 x 90 inches would fit a queen size bed. However, I’d add a couple more inches to the length, so there’s more drape.

How big is an 80 x 90 blanket?

An 80 x 90 inch blanket would cover a full or double-sized bed. If you’re using centimeters, an 80 x 90 blanket is approximately stroller sized.

How long is a crochet blanket?

The length of a crochet blanket totally depends on your preferences and the blanket size you choose. Common blanket sizes include lengths from about 12 inches (for a lovey) to over 100 inches (for king bedspreads).

Will the size guide work for knitting or sewing blankets?

Absolutely! We’ve focused on crochet blankets and afghans in this post, but the same sizes will apply to any type of handmade blankets whether knit, quilted, sewn, etc.

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