Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern and Video

This beginner-friendly free pattern features instructions for both a color-blocked easy crochet infinity scarf and traditional fringed scarf. If you can double crochet and chain, you're golden!

Are you ready for the last winter accessory pattern in the Newbie Series? We’ve made ribbed hats, twisted ear warmers, fingerless gloves, and today we’ll be making an easy crochet infinity scarf that’s perfect for beginners. It features color-blocked stripes and filet crochet detail. Don’t be intimidated by the size — we’ll be using the exact same techniques as yesterday’s fingerless gloves. If you can chain and double crochet, you’re golden!

teal and dark grey crocheted scarf with the text "color-blocked infinity scarf - you should craft"

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Are you an infinity scarf fan, or a regular scarf fan? Or both? I love infinity scarves and wear them all the time (especially in the fall and winter), but I designed this scarf pattern to go both ways. So if you’re more of a standard scarf person, I gotchu! We start off by crocheting a long rectangle, so if you want to leave it that way — I’ve included some tweaks to make it happen.

Keep reading to learn more about the Color-Blocked Infinity Scarf!

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The Tools

Today’s easy crochet infinity scarf utilizes our worsted weight acrylic yarn and a J 6.0 mm hook. This will give our scarf a looser weave that works up quickly.

For my scarf, I used Brava worsted (from WeCrochet) in Tidepool and Cobblestone Heather. I love Brava because it’s soft, durable, and washes well — perfect for winter wearable that will be exposed to all sorts of snow and sleetm. Brava can be washed AND dried without any special modifications.

It’s inexpensive, without feeling or looking cheap (like some of the other “value” brands). At just $2.49 for 100 grams / 218 yards, you can make this scarf for only $5 + labor costs. So if you’re looking for a handmade gift that gets you a lot of bang for your buck — look no further than these color-blocked infinity scarves!

If you’d like to upgrade to a fancier yarn, I recommend Swish or Twill from WeCrochet. They’re both reasonably priced ($12-13 per 100 g) and made of 100% superwash merino, which means they can be machine washed and tumble-dried (on low). If you love colors, Swish is definitely the way to go because they have so many!

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wooden cutting board with a teal and grey infinity scarf and text "how to crochet color-block scarf - beginner crochet pattern from: you should craft"

Supplies / Materials

NOTE: My friends at WeCrochet provided the supplies for the Newbie Series.

Size / Gauge

4 x 4 inches = 6 rows of 12 dc

Finished size (before seaming) ~ 11 x 58 inches (infinity scarf) or 8 x 62 inches (standard scarf)

Abbreviations / Techniques

NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology.

Color-Blocked Infinity Scarf – Video Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to make the easy crochet infinity scarf, but also describes modifications to make a traditional scarf with fringe.

Pattern Notes

  • ch 2 does not count as a stitch
  • ch 3 counts as the first st and a ch 1
  • When crocheting into Row 2 repeats (e.g. Row 3), dc into ch space instead of ch

Color-Blocked Scarf (Standard) – Written Pattern

ch 186 with Color A (I used Cobblestone Heather)

ROW 1: dc in third ch from hook, dc across (185)

ROW 2: ch 2 and turn, dc across (185)

ROW 3: ch 3 and turn, sk 1, dc in third st, *ch 1, sk 1, dc* across (185)

ROW 4 – 5: Repeat Rows 2 – 3

ROW 6: Repeat Row 2

Switch to Color B (I used Tidepool)

two hands holding a crochet hook and a teal and grey in-progress scarf

ROWS 7 – 10: Repeat Rows 2 – 3

ROW 11 – 12: Repeat Row 2

Trim yarn and weave in ends, or add fringe if desired.

Color-Blocked Infinity Scarf – Written Pattern

Leaving a long starting tail (~12 inches), ch 176 with Color A (I used Cobblestone Heather)

ROW 1: dc in third ch from hook, dc across (175)

ROW 2: ch 2 and turn, dc across (175)

ROW 3: ch 3 and turn, sk 1, dc in third st, *ch 1, sk 1, dc* across (175)

ROW 4 – 7: Repeat Rows 2 – 3

ROW 8: Repeat Row 2

Switch to Color B (I used Tidepool)

ROWS 9 – 14: Repeat Rows 2 – 3

ROW 15 – 16: Repeat Row 2

two hands sewing the seam of a crocheted color-blocked infinity scarf

Trim yarn (leaving an ~ 12 inch tail) and fold your scarf in half so the first and last stitches from each row are touching.

Use your tapestry needle to seam together the edges of each section, using the matching yarn color (e.g. seam Color A section with Color A). Weave in the ends to finish off.

grey and teal winter crochet set including an infinity scarf, fingerless gloves, and a hat

The Color-Blocked Crochet Infinity Scarf pattern was designed to match the other winter accessory items from the Newbie Series. If you’d like to make a full set as a gift (or for yourself), check out the:

teal and grey crocheted scarf with text overlay "how to crochet color-block scarf - beginner crochet pattern from: you should craft"