Carrot Stitch Washcloth – Free Crochet Pattern

Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with a new set of textured crochet washcloths! The Carrot Stitch Washcloth is a free crochet pattern and photo-tutorial.
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Greetings and Salutations!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I wrote up a pattern and made some new crochet washcloths last weekend. What you don’t know is that I had to delete several pictures that were covered in black dog hairs, even after I lint rolled. Here’s the culprit:

Dark brown dog on a dirt hiking trail

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Look at that sweet girl! We went hiking near Red Rocks this morning and she frequently stopped to enjoy scenic overlooks, smell bushes and small holes, and eat grass. When we’re not hiking, she helps me crochet by laying on the yarn, licking my WIP, and spreading black dog hairs all over my photo backdrops. I love her. ❤️❤️

Two coral-colored crochet dishcloths in a bowl with a crochet hook on top, next to a ball of yarn

Anyway, onto the crochet washcloth pattern! This free pattern utilizes the carrot stitch, a stitch that I first saw on /r/crochet in 2014. Invented by /u/marriedacarrot, the carrot stitch is a combination of the lemon peel stitch and the linen stitch. The carrot stitch is a beginner-friendly stitch that utilizes chains, single crochets, and double crochets. It creates a lovely texture that’s perfect for dishcloths, washcloths, and kitchen towels.

Made with cotton yarn (I used “Coral Rose” aka “Tea Rose” Lily Sugar ‘n Cream), Carrot Stitch Washcloths are the perfect way to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom. Each finished crochet washcloth is ~7.5 x 7.5 inches.

Printable PDF versions of the Carrot Stitch Washcloth pattern and other You Should Craft favorites (like the cotton face scrubbies) are available for FREE in the Freebie Library. Don’t have access yet? Sign up HERE!

Hand touching a coral-colored crochet dishcloth

1 ounce of Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in “Coral Rose” or “Tea Rose”
or ~50 yards of your favorite worsted weight cotton yarn
I-9 5.5 mm crochet hook (I used one of my trusty aluminum hooks from Boye)
Tapestry needle (to weave in ends)

Chain – ch
Single crochet – sc
Double crochet – dc
Skip – sk

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Ad-free, printable PDF: head to the Freebie Library, it’s free for email subscribers!
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Two coral-colored crochet dishcloths with a ball of yarn on top

Ready to start crocheting your washcloth?! Head to the next page!

Labeled image with two pictures of coral-colored crochet dishcloths that reads: Free Crochet Pattern: Carrot Stitch Dishcloth

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  1. I am trying to do the carrot stitch. In the 2nd row where do you put the sc and dc in the ch1 space
    or the sc ? please explain alittle. Thank you wanda

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