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Whip up some soft, cotton face scrubbies to replace the disposable cotton pads used for makeup removing. Quick and easy crochet pattern and photo tutorial.

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At this very moment, you’re only three rounds away from a handmade, crocheted cotton face scrubbie that can replace the disposable cotton pads you use with toner or make-up remover.

Grab your hooks and follow this step-by-step crochet pattern and photo tutorial — then make a crap-load of scrubbies for yourself and your friends!

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#Crochet Face Scrubbies | YouShouldCraft.com #freepattern

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#Crochet Face Scrubbies | YouShouldCraft.com #freepattern

As part of my personal push to go green, I whipped up some little cotton face scrubbies to replace the cotton balls I use for toner and makeup remover.

This is a really quick project that doesn’t use much yarn, so it’s a great way to do some stash busting (which is exactly what I did with some of the extra yarn I had from the Bobble Heart Potholder).

If you can do the puff stitch, you’re good to go! If not, I’ve included a quick photo tutorial to help you out (check it out below!).

Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder | YouShouldCraft.com

Before you begin, round up your supplies or hit up Amazon! I had a pile of cotton yarn leftover from random projects, so I just used that.

Worsted weight cotton yarn (I used Sugar’n Cream from my stash)
H, I, or J crochet hook (I used a J hook in this tutorial and an H (5 mm) hook in the video)
Tapestry needle, to weave in ends

#Crochet Face Scrubbies | YouShouldCraft.com #freepattern

Puff Stitch Tutorial:

Yarn over, and put hook under (top left), yarn over again, and pull through (top right). Repeat this process 4 more times, until there are 11 loops on your hook (bottom left). Yarn over one final time, and pull through all of the loops (bottom right). Finish off with a chain stitch.

Now that we all know how to puff stitch, let’s move on to the scrubbies!

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Click here for the free pattern, or check out the video!


Whip up these cute and easy cotton face scrubbies to replace cotton balls in your home! Use them for toner or removing make-up. Free crochet pattern and photo-tutorial via @YouShouldCraft


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