How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch

Learn how to add texture to your crochet projects with this step-by-step bobble stitch tutorial, featuring photos and a video.

How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

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Now that you know my latest TV addiction, let’s move on to the reason for this post! My Bobble Heart Potholder crochet pattern has been pretty popular (yay!), but I noticed that a lot of people were clicking the links for how to bobble stitch. I’ve decided to post my own tutorial so you won’t have to leave SS+S, EVERRRR. Just kidding, you can leave if you must. But frealz, I’m posting a super quick, step-by-step “How to Bobble Stitch” tutorial and you can’t stop me!

Yarn (I used Sugar’n Cream cotton)
Appropriate sized hook (I used an H hook)

Check out the bobble stitch video tutorial!

Or the photo-tutorial:

If you’re just practicing, make a short row of single crochet, then chain 2 and turn. The chain will count as the first part of your bobble.
If you’re midway through a project and have reached your first bobble stitch, just start wherever you are.

How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

Okay, now on to the bobbling!
Yarn over, then put your hook through both loops of the stitch you’re building on.

How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

Yarn over again and pull through, as if you’re starting a double crochet.

How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

Yarn over again and pull through the first two loops on your hook. You should have two loops left on your hook. Basically, you want to crochet 2/3 of a double crochet stitch.

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How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

Repeat this process (the 2/3 double crochet) four more times. You should now have six loops on your hook, and five partial double crochets (the 6th loop is connected to the previous stitch).

How To Bobble Stitch | #crochet #tutorial

Yarn over again and pull all of the loops through. Finish the bobble off with a chain.

Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder |

When I bobble stitch, like in the Bobble Heart Potholder, I put one single crochet between each bobble stitch, in order to maintain the size (and flatness) of the project.

Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder |

I love how much texture the bobble stitch can bring to a project! It’s great for flowers, borders, granny squares, or anything that needs some extra dimension. What projects do you plan to crochet with the bobble stitch?

How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch #crochet photo and video #tutorial via @YouShouldCraft


  1. I wanted to know how to do this, and I was too lazy to click on another link. 😉 Going to try the bobble stitch when I get home next week!

  2. I LOVE to crochet and am always on the look out for new and different stitches to try (although I need to get better at reading patterns than I am). With a baby on the way though I think it will be a strong motivator:) Thank you for sharing!

    And if you are need of a show to watch (and haven’t already seen it because it is from a few years ago) check out The Wire on Amazon Prime. Dark but so great!

    • Thanks Alyson! And congrats on the baby!! There are so many cute patterns out there for crocheted baby stuff.

      Great suggestion! I’ve never seen The Wire, but my husband is obsessed. Whenever we’re watching a show he’ll be like, “That person was on The Wire.” He also ordered a bobblehead from Isiah Whitlock’s Kickstarter that talks and says, “Sheeeeee-it.” I need to watch it!

  3. First off, wonderful post 🙂
    I am trying to do a graph design, like the heart. But the sc row between bobble rows is very visible. It isn’t as hidden as the ones in the heart, they look more similar to the ones on this post. Do you have any tips l, tricks, suggestions I can try?
    When all is said and done I am practicing to make my son a small pillow. But it will be multiple colors. So the sc row showing interferes with the design aspect.

    • That’s a great question Kayla, but I’m not 100% sure how to solve your problem. For the bobble heart potholder, I changed colors in the sc row to match the bobbles, which I think helped to hide the sc. You could also try making your bobbles bigger, or varying the yarn/hook you use. Hopefully this helps, I’ve never tried to hide the sc row though so I’m not sure what would work best. Let me know what you end up altering!

  4. I know how to do it but I want to make a baby afghan how many stitches would the chain be? N how many doubles in between . I know there same as popcorn stich. This is the look I’m looking for….0….0….o so how many chain stitches do I need to come out even in the end

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