30+ Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns – Free & Festive

A collection of over 30 of the best free Christmas ornament crochet patterns on the web. Add some holly jolly to your holiday and decorate your tree with unique, handmade ornaments.

Handmade Christmas ornaments are better than store bought, right? Today, I’ve rounded up over 30 of the best crochet Christmas ornament patterns for you. I love to decorate my Christmas tree with unique, custom ornaments, and these are my favorite tree ornament patterns from around the web. Best of all, they’re free!

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What to Expect from this List of Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns

Below, you’ll read about over 30 of the cutest Christmas ornament crochet patterns I could find on the interwebs. The list includes You Should Craft ornament designs, as well as holiday designs from other makers.

There are reindeer, wreaths, stars, baubles, and even tiny sweater ornaments. Some of these crochet Christmas ornament patterns are for beginners, and others are for intermediate crocheters. One thing I can say for sure is that there is truly something for everyone on this huge list of crochet Xmas tree decorations.

two small crochet turtleneck sweater christmas ornaments on a rectangular box wrapped with brown paper with white polka dots.

Christmas at You Should Craft

Each year, I release a crochet Christmas ornament pattern. This year, I shared the Toasty Turtleneck ornament (shown above). Last year, I dropped the Pretty Present ornament pattern. Back in 2020, I shared this baby alien ornament.

While you’re in the Christmas crochet spirit, how about crocheting a farmhouse Christmas tree skirt too? Your gifts will look extra special on it. 😉

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How to Crochet Christmas Ornaments

If you can crochet, you can make a Christmas ornament! Just follow along with any of the 30+ Christmas crochet patterns I’ve rounded up in this post. The patterns below use combinations of the standard crochet stitches including:

You’ll also see some textured stitches like the puff stitch and front post double crochet (fpdc). Even if you’re not familiar with the stitches, give it a try! Ornaments are a small, quick project so it’s the perfect opportunity to test out a new skill.

If you don’t know how to crochet yet, check out the Newbie Series to learn how to crochet in 30 days.

four pictures of handmade ornaments on a maroon background with snowflakes and an xmas tree. white text reads: 30+ crochet christmas ornaments - free patterns curated by youshouldcraft

Does gauge matter when crocheting Christmas ornaments?

No, gauge doesn’t really matter when crocheting ornaments. The pattern will specify which yarn weight and hook to use (e.g. #4 worsted weight yarn and a 4.0 mm crochet hook), but gauge isn’t as important as for a wearable item.

When you stick with the pattern recommendations, you’ll end up with a similar-sized ornament. Dramatic changes (like swapping worsted weight yarn for super bulky) will make a big difference. You’ll end up with a stuffed animal instead of a Christmas tree ornament. While that could be cute, it won’t fit on your tree.

If you’re creating your own Christmas ornament crochet pattern, stick with a hook that’s a little smaller than what’s recommended on the label. For example, #4 worsted weight yarns often recommend a 5.0 mm hook. I would go down to a 4.0 mm hook so my stitches are smaller and tighter.

Are these crochet Christmas ornaments for beginners?

Yes! Beginner crocheters will find a lot to love in this free pattern round-up. Many of the crochet ornament patterns use simple stitches and techniques that even a newbie can do.

Plus, ornaments are typically small, quick crochet projects. You can practice new crochet techniques on a low-commitment project and frog it or forget it if the ornament doesn’t turn out quite how you’d planned. Who knows, you might surprise yourself!

What’s the best yarn for crochet Christmas tree ornaments?

There is no one best yarn for crocheting ornaments. However, you’ll find that almost all of the ornaments below use #4 worsted weight acrylic yarn. Any brand will do, but my favorites are:

Since crochet Christmas ornaments are small, you only need a few yards (or less) of each color. You can often get by with scraps from larger projects. My yarn stash has just about every color of worsted weight yarn, so I’m often mixing and matching acrylic yarn for scrap projects.

Crochet Christmas Ornament Tools

Before you start to crochet a Christmas ornament, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and crochet notions. Depending on the ornament pattern you choose, you might also need extra supplies like stuffing, clear baubles, beads, or bells.

  • Hook: The Bright set from WeCrochet is my favorite budget crochet hook set (it’s only $10).
  • Tapestry Needle: There will be ends to weave in, especially if your ornament uses multiple colors or pieces. I have these needle sets from WeCrochet and Amazon, but any will do.
  • Scissors: These little purple scissors from WeCrochet are my favorites. You’ll need them for trimming yarn.
  • Locking Stitch Markers: Stitch markers are especially for ornaments crocheted in the round.
  • Ornament Hooks: You can make hanger with yarn, or use a decorative hook to hang the ornament from your Christmas tree.
  • Stuffing: amigurumi ornaments will need stuffing. You can use yarn scraps or poly-fil stuffing.
  • Clear Ornaments: Some of the patterns below are crocheted over clear plastic ornaments. Be sure to check sizes, but you can grab them from your local craft store or on Amazon.
  • Decorations: You may want to add some pizzazz to your crocheted ornaments with jingle bells, wooden beads, or sparkly thread/yarn.

Free Crochet Christmas Ornament Patterns

Next, it’s time for the crochet ornaments! The free crochet Christmas tree ornament patterns below will help you decorate your tree with the best ornaments on the interwebs. You can keep them all for yourself, or share the ornaments with your friends and family.

PRO TIP: I love to tie handmade ornaments to the tops of gifts and holiday presents. It looks gorgeous and adds a personal touch to the wrapping. Cute, right?

collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (sweater, baubles, tree, and wreath) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"

For this and every photo collage below, ornament links are listed clockwise, beginning with the top-left photo.

collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (gnome, stockings, wreath, and candy canes) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Gnome Christmas Tree Ornament Pattern by The Loopy Lamb – When Ashley shared this pattern, I immediately made two gnomes for my tree. You can use either a faux fur pom or faux fur yarn for the gnome’s beard.
  • Mini Stockings by Sewrella – These teeny crochet Christmas stockings are too cute, especially in stripes.
  • Candy Cane Amigurumi by Raffamusa Designs – I’m low-key obsessed with these candy canes Christmas ornaments. The swirled stripes look just like real candy canes!
  • Wreath Christmas Tree Ornament by Blackstone Designs – at this very moment, you’re only three rounds away from a pretty wreath ornament.

Free Patterns for Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments

We’ve seen eight small crochet Christmas tree ornament patterns so far, but there are more to come. In the next two sections, you’ll find mini presents, ugly sweaters, wreaths, baubles, and a whole collection of winter accessories. Your Christmas tree will be merry and bright in no time!

collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (sweater, gift boxes, baubles, and wreath) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater by Raffamusa Designs – Can we all agree that this mini sweater ornament is anything but ugly?! The zig zag stripes really make the pattern.
  • Pretty Present Ornament by You Should Craft – the pattern features two different shapes (square and rectangle) of these stuffed gift box ornaments. It’s a crochet ornament pattern for beginners as it uses only single crochet stitches.
  • Unique Crochet Wreath Ornament by Desert Blossom Crafts – the base of this easy wreath ornament is a hair elastic. So cool!
  • Picot Tree Ornament by The Turtle Trunk – Those cute little bobble nubs are created with the picot single crochet. You’ll need an ornament (clear or colored) for this bauble cover.
collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (mini winter accessories, pawprints, star, and snowman) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Mini Stocking | Mini Mitten | Mini Beanie (all part of the Country Cottage Ornament Collection by The Turtle Trunk) – Ali made mini ornament versions of three of her larger patterns and they’re all too precious. I love the teeny pom pom on the wee beanie.
  • Crochet Paw Print Christmas Ornaments by Simply Hooked by Janet – This paw print ornament pattern is for all the animal lovers out there. You know you want your fur babies represented on the Christmas tree!
  • Snowman Ornament by Maria’s Blue Crayon – what Christmas tree is complete without a sweet snowman hanging around? This 3D amigurumi pattern is simple enough for beginners.
  • Crochet Star Ornament by Persia Lou – there are only two rounds in this easy crochet Christmas ornament pattern!

Easy & Free Christmas Crochet Ornament Patterns

If you thought we were done with crochet Christmas decorations, you’re wrong! There are still more Christmas ornament free crochet patterns on the horizon. With this list, you can truly trim your whole tree with lovely, unique ornaments. This next section of festive crochet Xmas ornaments includes reindeer, wreaths, more holiday baubles, retro spinners, and more.

collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (Rudolph, baubles, wreath, more baubles) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Reindeer Ornament Pattern by Stitch by Fay – I swear, Rudolph has never looked sweeter.
  • Christmas Baubles by Thoresby Cottage – the golden yarn brings these cute baubles to a whole ‘nother level.
  • Mini Wreath Ornament by Planet June – These curly cue wreaths are a Christmas classic. I love the bow and the mix of two colors of green yarn.
  • Eulah Crochet Christmas Baubles by The Loophole Fox – The use of negative space on these gorgeous crochet Christmas balls is excellent (and you know I’m a sucker for blue yarn). You’ll need a clear ornament for this bauble cover project.
collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (snow globes, retro spinner, mittens, and a gingerbread house) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Winter Ornament Patterns by Golden Lucy Crafts – These remind me of snowglobes, and what could be more festive? The pattern includes tutorials for both the snowman and Christmas tree versions.
  • Boho Spinner Ornament Crochet Pattern by Rich Textures Crochet – Absolutely gorgeous spinners that can be crocheted using yarn scraps and only four rows.
  • Christmas Gingerbread House Ornament by Yarnhild – Don’t you love the look of these sweet ragdoll-style gingerbread houses? I like their little smiles and rosy cheeks. 😊
  • Mittens Ornament by Spin A Yarn Crochet – This cute pair of mittens can hang itself on your Christmas tree.

Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

Here’s the final section of crochet Christmas tree decor. Hopefully this roundup has given you tons of holiday inspiration. If only there was more time each day so you could make all these free patterns for crochet Christmas ornaments. And by you, I mean me because my “to make” list is getting so long this year!

collage of four crochet christmas ornaments (baubles, small stars, baubles, and stuffed stars) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Boho Christmas Crochet Baubles by Annie Design Crochet – the bright, rainbow colors and little bobbles make for a truly unique boho ornament. You’ll need an ornament (clear or colored) for this bauble cover.
  • Star Ornament by Raffamusa Designs – okay, these are the EASIEST, QUICKEST ornaments in the bunch. With super bulky t-shirt yarn, you only need one round to make a star.
  • Christmas Ornament for Beginners by Sigoni Macaroni – This vintage crochet Christmas ornament pattern reminds me of my Grandma’s tree in the best way possible. Make sure to grab a clear ornament before you make this beginner bauble cover.
  • Crochet Stars by Crochet for You – the contrasting embroidery adds a beautiful snowflake to the center of each star ornament. These crochet Christmas tree decorations are so precious!
collage of four christmas ornaments (poinsettia flower, elf, and two types of baubles) with a maroon background. white text overlay reads, "30+ Christmas Ornaments - crochet patterns curated by You Should Craft"
  • Christmas Poinsettia Pattern by Desert Blossom Crafts – Poinsettias are *THE* flower of Christmas-time, so it only makes sense to crochet one for your Christmas tree.
  • Elf Ornament by Maria’s Blue Crayon – this little elf is a cutie pie.
  • Holiday Bunting by Brooklyn Handcrafted – k, so bunting is more of a Christmas decoration than a tree ornament, but the small baubles could 100% be ornaments. This feels like a vintage crochet Christmas ornament pattern. It’s beautiful.
  • Festive Tree Crochet Bauble Pattern by Hanjan Crochet – Hannah actually has a whole bunch of fair isle style Christmas bauble patterns. Check out the collection here. You’ll need an ornament (clear or colored) for this bauble cover.

Aaaand that’s a wrap! What were your favorite Christmas ornament crochet patterns? Hopefully you found some excellent holiday inspiration for your Christmas decorations and gifts.

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