Grogu Baby Yoda Ball Ornament – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet your own small Grogu / Baby Yoda ball ornament with this free pattern and video tutorial! It's adorable and perfect for Christmas or any time of the year.

Get ready for a crocheted Baby Yoda ball ornament that’s perfect for your Christmas tree, doorknob, drawer pull, or literally anything else that needs a little bit of green sunshine. Seriously, we all agree that Baby Yoda (aka “The Child” aka Grogu) is the best part of The Mandalorian, right? He is so stinking adorable. Drinking coffee? Stealing macarons? Eating frog eggs? Falling asleep after using the Force?! I will watch anything he does.

two crochet grogu balls on a white background with text overlay "baby yoda ornament - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

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For those who aren’t familiar with the show, Baby Yoda aka Grogu aka The Child is a small green foundling that wears a brown coat, and was basically adopted by The Mandalorian (who, like the rest of us, was not immune to Grogu’s cuteness). He’s the same species as Yoda and looks pretty similar, but he’s smaller, younger, and cuter. The appearance of The Child in the episode made fans go CRAZY (again – so cute!).

I actually wrote this pattern a year ago, during Season One of The Mandalorian, at the height of the Baby Yoda fanfare. But life and other ideas got in the way and Grogu has just been chillin’ in my drafts folder. Which is a shame, because this pattern was (a.) fully ready and (b.) freaking adorable. Oh wells, here he is now, for free, with a video tutorial! Better late than never, right?

Ready for the Grogu / Baby Yoda ornament pattern?
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The Tools

I used worsted weight acrylic yarn because it’s accessible and most people have it on hand already. I had all of these colors in my stash, so it was a convenient project to make. For my first go-round with the Baby Yoda balls (shown above), I used an H 5.0 mm Red Heart Super Saver in Frosty Green and Buff. The top one was too big for an ornament, so I pared down my pattern and my new little guy had a circumference of 9 inches.

After nearly a year, I made some new Baby Yoda ornaments and used WeCrochet’s Brava worsted in Peapod and Almond. I also sized down to a G 4.0 mm crochet hook, which gave me an even smaller Grogu with a circumference of about 8 inches.

Feel free to use any worsted weight yarn and hook that’s small enough to give you a tight weave on your fabric (so the stuffing doesn’t show through). Smaller hooks will give you a smaller ball/ornament.

Both times I made Grogu ornaments, I used 14 mm safety eyes. These were basically the biggest ones I could find on Amazon, without a big price tag. I got a pack of several different sizes of eyes and one size of nose for about $8 HERE.

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Supplies / Materials

  • 30-35 yards of worsted weight yarn in green and brown (~15 yards per color)
  • 4.0 – 5.0 mm crochet hook (a larger hook will give you a larger ornament)
  • 2 – 14 mm safety eyes (I love this big set)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing (fabric or yarn scraps, poly-fil, etc.)

Size / Gauge

Gauge is not important for this project. Your stitches should be tight, so if there are gaps between them, you should size down to a smaller hook.

My finished Baby Yoda ball ornaments were about 8 inches around when using a G 4.0 mm hook and 9 inches around when using an H 5.0 mm hook.

hand holding a crocheted grogu ornament with text "baby yoda ornament - free crochet pattern by you should craft"

Techniques / Abbreviations

NOTE: This pattern utilizes US crochet terminology.

Baby Yoda Ball Ornament – Video Tutorial

Learn better with videos? Follow along and make a Grogu / Baby Yoda ball ornament with me!

Baby Yoda Ball – Written Pattern

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HEAD – make one with green yarn

ROUND 1: 6 sc into magic ring (6)
ROUND 2: 2 sc in each st around (12)
ROUND 3: *sc, 2 sc* x 6 (18)
ROUND 4: *2 sc, sc, sc* x 6 (24)
ROUNDS 5-6: sc around (24)
sl st 2-3 times to finish off, trim yarn and leave a long tail (for sewing around the eyes).

Place 14 mm safety eyes approximately 1 inch apart, between rounds 4 and 5 (image a. – below). Using a tapestry needle, sew around the eyes (image b. – below). I started on one side of the eye and went in on the other side. I repeated this process twice for the top of the eye and twice for the bottom. See image e. for the finished look.

If you wish to add a hanger to your Baby Yoda ball – do so now. I used the starting tail to create a small loop, then wove in the ends. You could also insert a new six inch piece of yarn with your tapestry needle and secure with a knot on the inside of the head.

step by step collage demonstrating how to crochet the ears and insert eyes on the baby yoda ball ornament

EARS – make two with green yarn

ROW 1: Ch 2, 2 sc in second ch from hook. ch 1 and turn. (2)
ROW 2: 2 sc, sc, ch 1 and turn (3)
ROW 3: 2 sc, sc, sc, ch 1 and turn (4)
ROW 4-6: sc across, ch 1 and turn (4)
BORDER: ch 1 and turn, sc up to the top (5) (image c. – above), in top stitch (sc, hdc, sc), sc down the other side (5 or 6)(image d. – above)
Trim yarn and leave a long tail for sewing onto the head.
Using your tapestry needle, sew the ears onto Grogu’s head before continuing to the brown section. I sewed them inline with the eyes (so the center of the ears was between rounds 4-5)

BODY/COAT – make one with brown yarn

ROUND 1: 6 sc into magic ring (6)
ROUND 2: 2 sc in each st around (12)
ROUND 3: *sc, 2 sc* x 6 (18)
ROUND 4: *sc, sc, 2 sc* x 6 (24)
ROUNDS 5-7: sc around (24)

Line up the green half and the brown half. Insert your crochet hook into both loops of the next sc on the brown part and both loops of any sc on the front of the green part.

NOTE: The collar of Grogu’s coat will extend four stitches past wherever you join.

collage image demonstrating how to join the top and bottom of the baby yoda ball ornament

ROUND 8: sc around, placing each sc into both loops of both the brown and green stitches (see image f. above) Before you finish joining, fill Baby Yoda with stuffing.
In the back loops only, crochet across the first 4 single crochets (image g. above). (28)

It’s super cute like this, so you could totally stop here, OR keep crocheting to add the coat collar.

ROW 9: ch 1 and turn. 2 sc in first 2 sc, sc around (crocheting into the other loops of the last four sc) (30)
ROW 10: ch 1 and turn. sc around (30)
ROW 11: ch 1 and turn. sc around (30)
Trim yarn and weave in ends.

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two hands holding two crocheted grogu balls on a white background with text "baby yoda ornament - free crochet pattern by you should craft"