DIY Notions Pouch Tutorial + Free Crochet Quote SVG Files

Learn how to make your own custom DIY stitch markers for crochet or knit with a laser cutter or charms. This easy photo tutorial includes a FREE SVG cut file for you to download.

Let’s learn how to make a DIY notions pouch to hold all your stitch markers, hooks, and small crochet tools. Cut out a cute crochet quote with your xTool M1, Cricut, or Silhouette machine, then iron it onto a small canvas pouch. That’s it! You can download two free SVG files below (“all you need is yarn” and “crochet all day”), or create your own.

canvas diy notions pouch with black "all you need is yarn" quote and a black zipper on a blue crochet swatch

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Free Crochet Quote SVG File

If you wanna follow along with the full tutorial to make your notions pouch, you’ll need the free SVG file! This is what you’ll upload to your blade cutter software to cut your quotes from heat transfer vinyl.

The free SVG file includes two different quotes in coordinating fonts – “Crochet All Day” and “All You Need is Yarn.”

To grab your freebie, fill out the form below ⬇⬇

ivory canvas fabric with crochet all day quote, covered by hashed watermark. blue overlays with text read: svg png free eps dxf

Why Make Your Own Notions Pouch?

There are so many reasons to make your own DIY notions pouch or bag, but maybe the most important one is that they’re super cute! They’re also so handy to store small crochet notions like stitch markers, tapestry needles, mini scissors, and tape measures. You know, all the essential crochet tools a crocheter needs.

I like to have a small zippered pouch in each of my crochet project bags, of which there are SEVERAL. I have a couple of color-block notions pouches from WeCrochet, but I was dying for some custom crochet swag.

Supplies / Materials for DIY Notions Pouch

To cut your own crochet quote, you’ll need:

To make the notions pouch, you’ll need:

The xTool M1 Laser & Blade Cutter

I’ve been testing out my new M1 laser and blade cutter, which xTool sent me to review. After trying out the laser cutting function on wood (with the DIY stitch markers, flower earrings, and boho earrings), I wanted to see how the blade cutting function worked on vinyl.

I had a few crochet quote designs from my Etsy shop, but I updated them a bit and added a crochet hook. After updating the quotes in Illustrator, I uploaded the SVG file to xTool Creative Space (XCS) and cut the designs out of black heat transfer vinyl (HTV).

My iron-on vinyl came with the xTool materials bundle, but you could use another brand of vinyl from Amazon or the craft store.

Read the full xTool M1 review here.

small canvas bag with black "crochet all day" quote and crochet tools. pink rectangular overlay with white text reads: diy notions pouch - free quote svg
do you see the blossom dishcloth peeping out in the corner?

How to Make a DIY Notions Pouch for Your Crochet Tools

Follow along for a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own DIY notions pouch for holding your crochet tools. The tutorial includes instructions for cutting your quote from vinyl using the xTool M1. If you already have another brand of blade cutter (like a Cricut or Silhouette), it will work too.

1. Install the xTool M1 blade

Remove the red wax and install the 45 degree angle blade in your xTool M1 (if it’s not already installed). You’ll need to take out the gold blade housing, pop in the blade, and replace the blade housing.

white woman's hand holding the xtool M1 blade housing

2. Place the cutting mat and vinyl

Next, peel off the backing from the blue cutting mat and stick it to the base of the xTool M1 machine. Remove the plastic cover from the front of the cutting mat.

Place a sheet of heat transfer vinyl anywhere on the cutting mat, shiny side down. I chose a classic black vinyl to match the black zipper on my notions bags.

woman's hand putting a piece of heat transfer vinyl onto a blue cutting mat within the xtool m1 machine

3. Turn on the xTool M1 machine and connect to your computer

Turn on the xTool M1 and plug the USB cord into your computer. Open the xTool Creative Space (XCS) software.

Once your computer recognizes the M1, you should be able to see the cutting mat and vinyl in the image preview in XCS, thanks to the M1’s camera.

4. Open the SVG cut file

Once you’ve downloaded the crochet quote SVG, open it in xTool Creative Space by clicking “Image” (upper left corner) and selecting the file.

screenshot from xtool creative space software with the image button circled and pointed out by an arrow

5. Prepare the image for cutting

On the right side of the screen, select “Blade cut” from the top dropdown menu. Then choose “PU Heat Transfer Vinyl” from the Material dropdown.

Move your quote to whichever part of the vinyl you’d like to cut. Then, flip the image by clicking “Reflect” (located on the top menu). Then click “Reflect horizontally.” Your image will be cut as a mirror image, which will make it right side up when you flip the vinyl to heat press onto your DIY notions pouch.

screenshot from the xtool creative space program, demonstrating how to set up a file for blade cutting vinyl

Tip: If you’re using a large piece of vinyl but only cutting a small image, add a rectangle around your image. This will make weeding easier so you can save the rest of the vinyl for a future project.

screenshot from xtool creative space software demonstrating the use of a rectangle around an image

6. Begin processing

Once you’ve set everything up the way you want, click the “Process” button in the bottom right corner of XCS. I used the default settings for heat transfer vinyl, so they auto-populated.

screenshot from xtool creative space software with a blue arrow pointing to the green process button

7. Framing

Framing helps set up the blade and center your image properly. To frame, click the green “Framing” button below the image preview.

You’ll see a “Tips” pop-up, which explains how to frame. Click the round button on your xTool M1 and wait for the framing to stop. Click it again for a second round of framing. Then, click the green “Framing completed” button to move on.

screenshot of the framing screen in the xtool creative space (xcs) software

8. Cut the quote from vinyl

Once framing is completed, click the green “Start” button in the upper left corner of your screen. Your xTool M1 will begin cutting your crochet quotes from the vinyl. Make sure you stay in the same room in case of any issues with cutting.

screenshot from xtool creative space software with a blue circle around the start button in the upper left corner. this will cut the quote from the vinyl so it can be attached to the notions pouch

10. Remove vinyl and begin weeding

When the cutting has finished, open the lid and gently peel the cutting mat off the bottom of the machine. Replace the backing.

Using a sharp, thin item (e.g. craft knife, needle, or weeding tool), begin “weeding” by removing the excess vinyl from between the letters.

white woman's hand using a weeding tool to weed black vinyl on a blue cutting mat
you’ll notice that we’ve switched to the other quote 😉

11. Remove vinyl & prep the notions pouch

When you’ve finished weeding, gently remove the clear plastic backing from the cutting mat. If needed, cut out the crochet quote and set the rest of the vinyl aside for future use. Replace the cover on the cutting mat to preserve the stickiness.

Plug in your heat press to heat it up. Place your canvas notions pouch on your heat mat and cover with a thin cotton towel. Using the heat press, iron the notions pouch to remove any wrinkles and smooth out the fabric. This helps prep the bag for the vinyl.

white woman's hand ironing a small canvas notions pouch under a white cotton towel

12. Transfer the vinyl crochet quote

Flip over your crochet quote so the shiny side is facing up. Your quote should be facing the correct direction now (rather than backwards). Center it on your notions pouch and cover with a cotton towel.

Use your heat press to transfer the vinyl. Follow the instructions on your heat press, but most will require pressure for 30-60 seconds in each spot. Here’s the guide for Cricut heat presses — select your model and material for deets.

If you have a large heat press, this can be done all at once. If you have a a mini heat press, it will take time to transfer the whole quote.

two images of a canvas notions pouch - one setting up a vinyl crochet quote and one heat pressing the vinyl

Once cool, remove and discard the plastic backing. If you have to pull, your vinyl isn’t fully transferred. Heat press the area again if needed.

When your notions pouch is cool, it’s done! Fill it with all the small crochet tools you need to keep with you. You know, things like stitch markers, mini scissors, and extra hooks.

10. Make a lot more DIY notions pouches!

Now that you’ve made your first one, rinse and repeat until you have a whole collection of cute bags for all your crochet tools. These sweet DIY notions pouches would make perfect gifts for your crochet friends.

two zipped notions pouches with black crochet quotes on the front. one is filled with three crochet hooks and a small pair of purple scissors

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The xTool M1 can do so much more than cut vinyl. When you’ve finished your DIY notion pouch, check out these other posts and projects:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a notion pouch (or notions pouch)?

A crochet notions pouch is a small bag that stores small tools and materials. My notions pouch usually has a tapestry needle, stitch markers, a crochet hook or two, a retractable tape measure, and small scissors.

How big are the DIY notions pouches?

I used 8 x 4.7 inch canvas pencil pouches. However, the crochet quote SVG files can expand to as big or as small as you want. Feel free to use any bag or notions pouch you like.

I don’t have an xTool M1, can I still use this tutorial to make my own notions pouch?

Absolutely — You have three alternative choices: use your Cricut or Silhouette machine, ask a friend or shop to cut the vinyl quotes for you, or purchase an xTool M1. If you’re good with stencils, you could also use the quote files to make a stencil and paint it onto your pouch.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a laser and blade cutter, check out our xTool M1 review.

Can I use an iron instead of a heat press?

Technically yes, it’s possible. However, I didn’t have success with an iron (it melted and smeared the vinyl lettering). Here’s a tutorial from A Girl and a Glue Gun if you want to try it yourself.

two images of small canvas bags. pink rectangular overlay reads: crochet quote notions pouch - free tutorial + svg @

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