Ultimate Lemon Peel Stitch Crochet Tutorial, Stitch Chart, & Video

Learn how to crochet the lemon peel stitch in rows and rounds with this complete tutorial featuring a stitch chart, video, pictures, and written instructions.

Want to learn a beginner-friendly stitch? This lemon peel stitch crochet tutorial is right up your alley! It’s an easy crochet stitch that combines standard stitches of different heights to create a gorgeous fabric with a slightly bumpy texture. The lemon peel stitch (also known as the griddle or seed stitch) is reversible, so you don’t have to worry too much about the right side and wrong side of your project.

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close-up of a blue swatch of lemon peel stitch crochet texture

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What is the lemon peel stitch?

Like the Carrot Stitch Washcloth pattern, the lemon peel stitch alternates single crochets (sc) and double crochets (dc) to create a lovely subtle texture. The crochet lemon peel stitch gets its name because the fabric texture looks a bit like the bumps on a lemon.

The first image on the page shows the stitch crocheted in worsted weight yarn. Below, you can see what the lemon peel stitch looks like when crocheted with super bulky chenille yarn.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the lemon peel stitch is reversible and can be crocheted in rows or rounds. Some people worry that the different stitch heights will give projects a wiggly top edge (like a shell stitch), but have no fear! The height evens out since you’ll crochet a dc on the sc stitches and a sc on the dc stitches. 

close up of crocheted chenille yarn stripes in lime and sage. black text overlay reads: lemon peel stitch crochet tutorial - youshouldcraft.com

Lemon Peel Stitch vs Griddle Stitch vs Seed Stitch

Just like the linen stitch (aka moss stitch aka granite stitch), the lemon peel stitch goes by three names. It’s also known as the griddle stitch or the seed stitch. You’ll see crochet patterns and tutorials that use the other names, but the lemon peel stitch is the most common name. 

Lemon Peel vs Suzette Stitch Crochet Techniques

The lemon peel crochet stitch and suzette stitch techniques both alternate single and double crochets. However, the lemon peel stitch places one stitch (either sc or dc) into each stitch, where as the suzette stitch places an sc and a dc in the same stitch. You skip stitches with the suzette stitch. 

Can beginners crochet the lemon peel stitch?

Absolutely! If you can work chains, single crochet, and double crochet stitches, you can work the griddle stitch (aka lemon peel aka seed stitch). Once you get in the groove, it’s easy to zone out and crochet the lemon peel stitch while you watch your favorite reality TV show.

If you’re new to crochet or need a refresher, check out the 30 Day Newbie Series.

What can you crochet with the lemon peel stitch?

Literally anything! The griddle stitch is a super versatile stitch that can be used for crocheting anything from dishcloths to accessories (like scarves or headbands), blankets, and even sweaters.

Check out my WIP of the Rosebud Raglan from Knits n Knots — pretty, right?! It’s a popular paid sweater pattern that utilizes the lemon peel or griddle stitch.

a faux fur background with a woman's hand holding a white and black crochet hook on top of a work-in-progress blue sweater. a small basket with three skeins of Lion Brand Jeans yarn is next to her.

How to Crochet the Lemon Peel Stitch

Supplies / Materials

You can use any yarn and any matching hook for your lemon peel stitch crochet project.

For the video tutorial and photos, I used:

Techniques / Abbreviations

Lemon Peel Stitch Pattern Notes

  • Turning chain 2 counts as dc when crocheted in rows
  • Turning ch 2 does not count as a dc when crocheted in rounds
  • ch 1 does not count as a st
  • For row/round 2 and beyond, place dc sts on top of sc sts and vice versa
  • This tutorial utilizes US crochet terminology.

Lemon Peel Stitch Crochet Chart

This crochet stitch diagram demonstrates the first ten rows of the lemon peel stitch. It begins with 16 chains and each row has 15 stitches. I used the same stitch counts for the photo and video tutorials.

stitch diagram / crochet chart for the lemon peel stitch. title text reads "lemon peel stitch crochet chart - youshouldcraft"

Lemon Peel Stitch Video Tutorial

The video tutorial covers how to work the lemon peel stitch in rows and turned rounds. If you’re left-handed, click here for the flipped video.

Lemon Peel Stitch Written Instructions

Below, you’ll find two different sets of written instructions. One starts and ends with the same stitch, which makes it a two row repeat. The other starts and ends with opposite stitches and is a one row repeat.

#1 – Symmetrical Version

This is my favorite way to work the griddle stitch, as I appreciate symmetry. It turns the stitch pattern into a two row repeat, but each row will start and end with the same type of stitch.

I chained 16 for the tutorial, which gave me a stitch count of 15 per row.

To crochet the symmetrical version:

  • ch any even number [photo a]
  • ROW 1: sc in third ch from hook, dc, *sc, dc* across (stitch count will be one less than your starting ch) [photos b & c]
  • ROW 2: ch 1 and turn, sc in first dc from previous row, *dc, sc* across [photos d & e]
  • ROW 3: ch 2 and turn, sc in dc from previous row, dc, *sc, dc* across [photo f]
  • Repeat ROWS 2 – 3 until your project reaches the desired length. [photos g & h]
step-by-step image collage depicting how to crochet the lemon peel stitch
step-by-step image collage depicting how to crochet the lemon peel stitch

#2 – Asymmetrical Version

This is the easiest way to work the stitch. With this method of crocheting the lemon peel stitch, you have a one row repeat. Each row will start with a dc (ch 2) and end with a sc. 

  • ch any odd number
  • ROW 1: sc in third ch from hook, *dc, sc* across (stitch count will be one less than your starting ch)
  • ROW 2: ch 2 and turn, sc in dc from previous row, *dc, sc* across
  • Repeat ROW 2 until your project reaches the desired length.

Crocheting the Lemon Peel Stitch in the Round

It’s easy to crochet the lemon peel stitch in the round. Follow the same principles used when crocheting in rows, but join with a slip stitch at the end of each round. I don’t recommend using the ch 2 as a stitch after round two. It creates a large gap.

  • ch any even number and join to the first ch with a sl st. This will give you an even number of stitches in each round.
  • ROUND 1: ch 2 (counts as dc), sc, *dc, sc* around, join to first st with sl st.
  • ROUND 2: ch 1 and turn, dc in same st, sc, *dc, sc* around, join to first st with sl st.
  • Repeat Round 2 until your project is as big as you want.
woman's hand with fingers wrapped in a swatch of blue textured crochet in the round, next to a wooden hook on a white background

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the lemon peel stitch a yarn-eater?

No, you would use a similar amount of yarn by alternating rows of single and double crochet stitches. 3D textured stitches like the alpine stitch, bobble stitch, or loop stitch will use much more yarn.

How do you crochet a lemon peel stitch blanket?

Use a blanket size chart to figure out the best size for your blanket. Then, make a chain that matches the width you need. You’ll need an even number of chains to follow the instructions for the first variation (the two-row repeat) and an odd number to follow the instructions for the second variation (the one-row repeat). Continue crocheting the lemon peel stitch until your blanket is the size you want. 

How do you crochet a lemon peel stitch dishcloth?

Standard dishcloths are typically about 8×8 inches, so make a chain that’s approximately eight inches long (or however wide you want your dishcloth to be). To follow the symmetrical lemon peel stitch instructions, you’ll need an even number of chains. If you want to use the one-row repeat instructions, chain an odd number. Continue working the griddle stitch pattern until your dishcloth is the size you want.

white marble background with a blue swatch of crocheted fabric with a dark wooden hook on top. black text overlay reads: lemon peel stitch crochet tutorial, chart, & video - youshouldcraft.com

Can you crochet the lemon peel stitch left-handed?

Of course! Here’s a left-handed video tutorial to help you out.

Does the lemon peel stitch have an abbreviation?

No, there’s no formal crochet abbreviation for it. 

What’s the lemon peel stitch in UK crochet terms?

In the US, this stitch alternates single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) stitches.

With UK terms, you’ll alternate double crochet (dc) and treble crochet (tr) stitches. The other principles are the same. 

Is the seed stitch the same as the lemon peel stitch?

Yes, the crochet seed stitch is another name for the lemon peel stitch. You may also see this stitch pattern called the griddle stitch.

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