Best Places to Buy Yarn Online + My Favorite Five

Learn about the best places to buy yarn online, plus, our favorite five shops. Yarn variety, free shipping, prices -- we tell it all.

Wondering about the best places to buy yarn online? You’ve come to the right place. Online shopping is my favorite way to buy yarn — hands down. It’s easy and convenient, plus you can wear your PJs.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, there are a TON of online yarn stores. Talk about analysis paralysis! With so many choices, it can be hard to decide which to use. Today, we’ll discuss the best places to buy yarn online. Once you know the best yarn shops, why bother with the others?

Note: I’m in North Carolina, so this list focuses on online yarn stores in USA. However, I’ll include which shops ship internationally.

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Benefits of Buying Yarn Online

There are some great benefits to buying from an online yarn shop. Most importantly, it’s faster than going to a store, so you’ll have more time to crochet. Always a win!

Other benefits to buying yarn online include:

  • shopping 24/7, 365 days per year
  • no need to leave your house, drive your car, get dressed, or get your kids ready to run errands
  • access to lots of quality yarn brands and colors, some of which may not be available at stores in your area
  • super easy to filter yarns by brand, price, weight, fiber content (e.g. wool, cotton, acrylic), color, etc.
  • reviews from crocheters and knitters just like you
  • quick links to crochet patterns made with the yarn

Tips for Buying Yarn Online

If you’re used to shopping at your local yarn store, you’ll see a much MUCH wider selection of yarns online. All that choice is good, but it’s also overwhelming.

Imagine you’re shopping for a project that calls for worsted weight acrylic yarn (like the Color Block Infinity Scarf, Bobble Stripe Baby Blanket or Beginner Ribbed Hat).

If you walk into your local craft store, they might have 5-10 different types of worsted weight acrylic yarn. Online, there are dozens, if not hundreds of options. Here are some tips to help you navigate all those choices.

Sort and Filter by Weight, Fiber, etc.

Unless you know exactly what yarn you want, start with a filtered search. You can choose to only look at worsted weight yarns, then only worsted weight acrylic yarns.

This will help you exclude all the fingering weight alpaca blends or super bulky wool crochet yarns that don’t fit the requirements of your project.

screenshot from the yarn section, demonstrating how to filter by fiber and weight when you buy yarn online
this screenshot shows a filtered search on

On WeCrochet (, a filtered search for worsted weight acrylic yarns brought me from about 150 choices down to 17. So much more manageable!

From there, you can sort by price, color, or whatever your next requirement is. 

Read Reviews

If you’re a seasoned crocheter, you’re probably familiar with the most popular (or most common) varieties of worsted weight acrylic yarn. You know, like Red Heart Super Saver or Vanna’s Choice. Maybe you’ve already used them or have friends that have used them, so you feel confident walking into a store and buying them without reading reviews. But what about new types of yarn? Or new shops? REVIEWS, BABY.

Reviews are posted by other crocheters, knitters, and fiber artists just like you. If the yarn has a lot of knots in the skein, splits easily, or gets fuzzy nubs when you wash it, the reviews will mention that. Sometimes, they might also include clues about similar yarns (like, “This wasn’t as soft as Caron Simply Soft”) or yardage (like, “I used two balls to crochet my toddler a hat).

Online yarn stores will usually have a review section for each type of yarn. You can see a star or rating average, plus comments people just like you. Reviews can help you decide which yarns are quality yarns, and which ones you should skip.

If you can’t find many reviews on the shop website, try Googling something like “__ yarn reviews.” Often times, crochet or knitting bloggers will post reviews of different types of yarn.

Check for Coupons, Sales and Promo Codes

Oh man, don’t you love to shop yarn sales? Ugh and free shipping? THE BEST.

Before you hit that buy button, check for coupons and promo codes.

Sometimes the online yarn store might advertise their sale or promo codes on their home page or as pop-ups while you shop. Other times, you might have received a coupon code via text or email.

If you can’t find a discount code or free shipping code on the yarn website, Google something like, “__ promo code.”

The Five Best Places to Buy Yarn Online

I’ve shopped for yarn at a lot of online yarn shops, but these five are my favorite places to buy yarn online. I find myself returning to shop again and again (even though I definitely don’t need any more yarn). 

WeCrochet / KnitPicks

KnitPicks and WeCrochet are sister companies that sell the same yarn, but WeCrochet ( is specifically for crocheters. It’s my top yarn shop, and you can tell because I have soooo many patterns using WeCrochet yarns.

They have reasonable prices, especially on natural fiber yarns (like wool, alpaca, mohair, etc.). Almost all the We Crochet yarns are house brands that you can only find on WeCrochet and KnitPicks, but they do sell some Lion Brand yarns.

You’ll also find hooks, notions, tools, books, patterns, and crochet swag (like adorable pins). 

woman's hand holding up a skein of purple wool of the andes yarn from WeCrochet
aren’t these wool of the andes colors gorge?!

Benefits to shopping at WeCrochet:

  • Free shipping over $45 (US) – they also ship to Canada, Australia, and the UK
  • Large selection of yarn weights (from thread to super bulky) and fibers
  • Affordable prices, especially “fancy” yarns and fibers
  • Well organized, easy to navigate website
  • Frequent sales, sometimes color-themed to match the season

YouShouldCraft patterns that feature WeCrochet yarns:

Speaking of free crochet patterns, WeCrochet often releases free patterns that you can download from their website. Pretty sweet, right?

Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand is a family-owned business that just celebrated its 145th anniversary. So impressive! You’re probably familiar with their yarns, as they’re also available in big box craft stores like Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics.

Lion Brand makes Vanna’s Choice, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Pound of Love, Heartland… they have a bunch of great yarns! Lion Brand Yarn is its own brand, so you’ll only find Lion Brand yarns on their website.

Why order yarn online from Lion Brand?

  • International shipping
  • Crochet kits from your favorite designers
  • Fun sales and promos like free shipping and the Wonder Wheel
  • Tons of free crochet patterns
three balls of lion brand 24/7 cotton, a worsted weight mercerized cotton

YouShouldCraft patterns that feature Lion Brand yarns:


If you look to buy yarns from LoveCrafts, you’ll notice the huge variety of types and brands. They sell classics like Lion Brand, Caron, and Red Heart, as well as Paintbox, Debbie Bliss, Scheepjes, and so many more.

Take a peek at the LoveCrafts website and you’ll see why it’s one of the best online yarn stores. LoveCrafts also sells crochet tools, supplies for other crafts/hobbies (like cross stitch, baking, and macrame) and patterns from indie designers. 

Benefits to buying yarn from LoveCrafts:

  • Free shipping over $55 (US) – plus worldwide shipping (double check to see if your country is included, the website says there are a few exclusions)
  • Large selection of yarn weights, fibers, and brands
  • Other craft supplies too (if you’re into that)
  • Well organized, easy to navigate website
window pane cardigan panels, crocheted in Paintbox DK from LoveCrafts


Hobbii is a Danish yarn company, though shipping to the USA is surprisingly fast. They primarily sell their own Hobbii-branded yarns, but they carry a few other brands as well.

Hobbii has soooo many different types of yarn. You can basically find anything you need there (including crochet tools), and the prices are super reasonable. Plus, there are great sales where you can grab yarn for CHEAP.

woman's hand holding a crochet hook over an in-progress swatch of blue fabric. three balls of hobbii kind feather yarn sit in a basket nearby
working on a hat pattern using kind feather from hobbii

Benefits to buying yarn from Hobbii:

  • Free shipping over $99 (US) – plus worldwide shipping
  • Large selection of yarn weights and fibers, plus tools, notions, and patterns
  • Free pattern


Okay, we can’t talk about buying yarn online without mentioning Amazon. They carry lots of yarns, from random collections of mini skeins to familiar brands like Lion Brand, Red Heart, and even WeCrochet/KnitPicks. It goes without saying that Amazon also carries crochet books, hooks, tools, and so much more.

In my experience, the yarn prices are hit or miss. HOWEVER, it’s hard to beat that Amazon Prime two day shipping, especially if you need one more ball of yarn to finish up a blanket before a baby shower on Saturday.

Long story short, Amazon is not always the best place to buy yarn, but if you’re in a rush or spot a hot sale, it might be the best for you. 

Benefits to buying yarn from Amazon:

  • Free 2-Day shipping with Amazon Prime
  • International shipping
  • Huge selection of yarn, plus everything else you could ever imagine

More of the Best Places to Buy Yarn Online

Still wondering where to buy yarn online? Here are nine more sites to buy crochet wool, acrylic, merino, and whatever other fibers of yarn you want.

Mary Maxim

Mary Maxim sells their own brand of yarn and other exclusive yarns, as well as brands like Lion Brand, Premier, and Red Heart.

We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters sells a variety of yarns with simple names like “The Wool” and “The Cotton.” They also have patterns and kits, but don’t be fooled by the name — they have both knit and crochet. There’s free shipping in the US if you spend over $95.

Darn Good Yarn

Darn Good Yarn is a sustainable, eco-friendly company that works with artisans from around the world. Many of their yarns are created from recycled materials like silk. They also sell kits, tools, and a Yarn of the Month club.

Jimmy Beans Wool

Jimmy Beans Wool carries over 200 different types of yarn, including MadelineTosh, Sirdar, Scheepjes, and more. They have yarn kits and clubs and free US shipping over $75. Jimmy Beans Wool ships internationally.

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There are soooo many different types of yarn available on Etsy. Premier Yarns has their own Etsy shop, as well as smaller shops and hand dyers. Shipping prices depend on the store, though many shops have free shipping offers available. 


Annie’s sells a wide variety of yarns, as well as pattern books, clubs, and classes. They ship to the US and Canada.


Sirdar is a British company that sells Sirdar and Hayfield yarns, as well as patterns, kits, and tools. There’s free US shipping if you spend over $35, and they ship worldwide.

wooden tray with three skeins of wander acrylic yarn from furls and a button down shirt with blue crocheted tie
the wander necktie, crocheted with furls wander yarn


TECHNICALLY, Furls Fiberarts primarily sells crochet hooks. But they have two types of yarn (Whims and Wander), so they have to be included on the list of best places to buy yarn online! You can get free US shipping if you spend over $60 and they offer international shipping too.

Indie dyers

Indie dyers are small businesses that sell hand dyed yarn. For most people, hand dyed yarn is an occasional luxury, but oh my is it worth it! A few of my favorite indie dyers are Sewrella Yarn, Explorer Knits & Fibers, and Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best places to buy yarn online?

If you’re in the USA, these are the best places to buy yarn online:

Which online yarn stores have free shipping?

These yarn stores offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount:

Many other companies (like Lion Brand and Mary Maxim) offer occasional promo codes and sales that will also give you free shipping.

Which online yarn stores are in the USA?

All of the yarn shops we’ve discussed so far will ship to the USA. However, they’re not all located in the United States. WeCrochet, Lion Brand, Amazon, Mary Maxim, We Are Knitters, Darn Good Yarn, Jimmy Beans Wool, Annie’s, and Furls are all from the US.

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