Twisted Crochet Cup Cozy – Free Pattern & Video

Quick and easy beginner pattern for a twisted crochet cup cozy. You'll use under 35 yards of yarn and 30 minutes to make your own cute coffee sleeve!

When I made the Twisted Ear Warmer last year, I thought the preemie size would make the cutest little crochet cup cozy. Unfortunately, it was too big and I promptly forgot to make a smaller size.

Flash forward almost a year and I finally remembered to whip up a sample. I was right though — it’s the most adorable twist cup sleeve! Can’t you just see yourself whipping one out of your purse at Starbucks?

two crocheted cup cozies on cream colored coffee cups

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These coffee sleeves are quick and easy, so they make excellent last minute gifts. Or maybe you’ve got a bunch of yarn scraps lying around? They’re perfect for stash busting! I chose solid colored yarn for my crochet cup cozies, but it would be super easy to add in stripes to use up the end bits of yarn skeins.

Just think: at this very moment, you’re less than 35 yards and 30 minutes away from a handmade cozy for your favorite drinks. So sweet!

Don’t worry if you’re a crochet beginner, the Twisted Cup Cozy uses only single crochet stitches, just like the Bow Coffee Sleeves and Striped Mug Cozy. If you’d like more intro to crochet patterns and stitch tutorials, check out the 30-day Newbie Series.

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The Tools

I’m all about Brava from WeCrochet, which is my absolute favorite of the inexpensive acrylic yarns. Brava is perfect for everyday projects, like a cute crochet cup cozy! It’s one of the two yarns I used for the Newbie Series, so I’ve crocheted a lot of fun beginner projects with it. You know, things like fingerless gloves, ribbed hats, and my color-blocked infinity scarf

Since coffee sleeves are are designed to keep your hands safe from hot drinks, I wanted a tighter weave in my fabric. I chose the H 5.0 mm hook, which was a perfect Goldilocks situation — not too big and not too small. If you crochet tight, you might want to go up a hook size.

My 5.0 mm hook is my sparkly blue Odyssey, which I love to use both IRL and in IG pictures. The Odyssey hooks are ergonomic and balanced, which helps me crochet quickly and without hand/wrist pain. They’re a splurge, but I highly recommend them! I have four colors so far, and more on my Christmas list.

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Supplies / Materials

cream-colored coffee cup with a teal crochet cup cozy on a grey background

Gauge / Size

This is a small project, so it’s not worth crocheting a gauge swatch.

Finished size (when flat): 9.25 inches wide x 3.25 inches tall

My sample is fits on a 16-ounce reusable coffee cup, but could stretch a bit to fit a larger cup.

Abbreviations / Techniques

Pattern Notes

  • turning ch 1 is not counted as a stitch
  • To customize the cup cozy’s height, add or remove rows (ideally in multiples of 2)
  • To customize the cup cozy’s circumference, make a longer or shorter starting chain. Your chain should just barely fit around your coffee cup.
  • Throughout the pattern, even numbered rows are the “right side” (RS) as they create groups of two rows.

Video Tutorial

If you’re a left-handed crocheter, check out the flipped version of the twisted coffee sleeve tutorial.

Twisted Crochet Cup Cozy – Written Pattern

ch 32

ROW 1 (WS): sc in second ch from hook, sc across (31)

ROW 2 (RS): ch 1 and turn, sc across (31)

ROWS 3 – 12: ch 1 and turn, sc across (31)

Trim yarn, leaving a tail that’s 12 – 18 inches long.

step-by-step images demonstrating how to create the twist
  • Creating the Twist
    • a. Lay the rectangular strip flat, with the right-side facing you. Pinch the corners on each side together (e.g. top left with bottom left corner) to create “<” and “>” shapes.
    • b. Push the open “<” and “>” shapes together so the top of one side touches the bottom of the other side (and vice versa). This will create an “S” or “Z” shape.
    • c. Pinch the folded portions together and readjust so all the layers are the same height.
    • d. Using your tapestry needle and the long tail, sew the folded edges together, making sure your needle weaves through all four layers. When you’re finished, weave in the ends and flip the cup cozy right-side out.

That’s all, y’all! Now that you’re finished with your twisted coffee sleeve, treat yourself to a PSL – hold the cardboard. 🙂

three reusable coffee cups
The Twisted Cup Cozy hanging out with two Bow Coffee Sleeves.