Wagon Wheel Potholder – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet a double-sided cotton potholder and bring some farmhouse style to your kitchen! This free crochet pattern includes a step-by-step photo-tutorial.

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As part of the relaunch of You Should Craft, I’ve been organizing my thoughts/life and planning which posts and videos I want to share with y’all. While organizing my craft room (aka guest bedroom aka home gym aka not as awesome as it sounds), I found the first three rounds of the blue crochet potholder and remembered that I had never finished taking pictures of it. Which means I had never shared it on the blog!

Luckily, I had the pattern written down in a notebook so I finished crocheting the wagon wheel potholder, snapped a bunch of pics, asked my husband what I should name it, and TA-DA!

Orange and blue circular crocheted potholders

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When was this partially finished potholder started, you might ask? According to my photo files, March 2016. I shared the orange one on Instagram on April 3, 2016. Soooo… ya. No comment. Anyway, comin’ at ya face THREE YEARS LATER — the wagon wheel crochet potholder pattern!

Close-up view of a blue crocheted potholder

The wagon wheel potholder is crocheted in the round and utilizes front-post crochets to add texture and form the wheel spokes. This crochet potholder is double-sided and crocheted with cotton yarn so you can actually put hot stuff on it.

I use bobble heart potholder if you’re on a kitchen crochet kick) and this potholder was no different. I used “Stonewash” and “Hot Blue” for the blue potholder and “Sunshine” and “Hot Orange” for the orange potholder. If you’re short on Lily Sugar ‘n Cream, you can use any two colors of worsted weight cotton yarn that your wee heart desires!

Round crocheted potholder in blue

Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in “Stonewash” (Color A) and “Hot Blue” (Color B) or “Sunshine” and “Hot Orange”
-or- two colors of your favorite worsted weight cotton yarn
H 5.0 mm crochet hook (these Clover Amour hooks are similar to mine)
Tapestry needle

Chain – ch
Slip Stitch – sl st
Single Crochet – sc
Half Double Crochet – hdc
Double Crochet – dc
Triple/Treble Crochet – tr
Front-Post Treble Crochet – fptr

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Labeled image featuring three different pictures of round, crocheted potholders - Free Crochet Pattern: Wagon Wheel Potholder

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