Coffee Sleeves with Bows – Free Crochet Pattern for Beginners

Beginners, brighten up your morning with an easy pattern for reusable coffee sleeves with bows. Both the cup cozy and the bows use only single crochet stitches. Plus, practice crocheting in the round and learn the invisible join!

Those of you following along in the Newbie Series have made it to Day Eight. Today, we’ll complete our first pattern in the round. Get your hooks ready for these super cute, reusable coffee sleeves with bows! Both the coffee sleeves and the bows are crocheted entirely in single crochets, which makes this project perfect for beginners.

two takeaway mugs with crocheted coffee cozies with bows on a blue wooden background, text overlay reads "how to crochet bow coffee sleeves - beginner crochet pattern from you should craft"

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Do you ever bring your own coffee sleeve to Starbucks or Dunkin? Not only is it a fun way to personalize your coffee cup, but making your own crocheted cup cozy allows you to practice your single crochets AND keep a few of those cardboard sleeves from going to a landfill. Win win, right? Plus, who doesn’t love a sweet little bow detail? 😍

The Tools

Today, we’re using our worsted weight acrylic yarn and H 5.0 mm hook. Acrylic has more give than cotton, which is important for something like a coffee sleeve which might not always be going on the same size cups (sometimes it’s a venti day).

I love Brava worsted from WeCrochet because it’s soft, durable, and washes well. It doesn’t split like some other value brands, and they have amazing colors. For these coffee sleeves with bows, I used Dove Heather for the body and Tranquil and Lady Slipper for the bows.

Brava is inexpensive (just $2.49 for 100 grams / 218 yards!) and since you only need about 27 yards for each coffee sleeve (sans bow), you can get EIGHT cup cozies out of one ball of Brava. Even if you use the same yarn for the bows (monochrome would be adorable!), you can still get over six bow coffee sleeves from one ball. Talk about cost effective!

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two white cups with grey crocheted coffee sleeves, featuring small mint and purple bows. Text overlay says, "beginner friendly bow coffee sleeves - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

Supplies / Materials

If you crocheted the bows from Day Five, you can use one of those. I used the small, but any size would look good.

NOTE: My friends at WeCrochet provided the supplies for the Newbie Series.

Size / Gauge

4 inches = 15 stitches (sc), the total height for 12 rows is about 3 inches

Gauge is not super important for this project, but if you’re unsure, wrap your chain around your coffee cup. It should fit snugly around the widest part of the cup.

Abbreviations / Techniques

NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology.

Coffee Sleeves with Bows Video Tutorial

Coffee Sleeves with Bows – Written Pattern

ch 30, join to first ch with sl st

ROUND 1: ch 1, sc around (30)

ROUND 2: sc on top of the first st of round 1, sc around (30)

ROUNDS 3 – 12: sc around, working in continuous rounds (30)

To finish off the body of your coffee sleeve:

  • a.) sl st to first stitch of Round 12
  • b.) trim yarn and pull through the last stitch.
step-by-step photo collage depicting how to finish the coffee sleeve and complete an invisible join

Then, invisible join. To do an invisible join:

  • c.) thread your tapestry needle, skip the next stitch, and pull the needle through the center of the stitch after that (stitch #3 from Round 12)
  • d.) pull your needle through the center of the sl st. This will create a “V” that blends in with the tops of the other stitches.

Weave in your ends.

Crocheting and Attaching the Small Bow

If you need help or want a different size of bow, I have a full photo/video tutorial, along with instructions for three different sizes of bows here.

The pattern for the small bow is below.

ch 10

ROW 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc across (9)

ROWS 2 – 6: ch 1, turn. sc across. (9)

Trim yarn, leaving an ~18 inch tail. Using your tapestry needle, weave in the long tail to the center of the bow, then wrap the center with the remainder of the yarn. Weave in and secure ends, then sew the bow onto the cup cozy / coffee sleeve.

hand holding a white coffee mug with a grey crocheted coffee sleeve with bow, on a blue wooden background