Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern (Free)

This farmhouse Christmas tree skirt crochet pattern can be made in a night, thanks to super bulky yarn. With simple ribbing, faux fur trim, and rustic button closure, it's the perfect handmade holiday decor. Free tree skirt crochet pattern and video tutorial.

This year, I really wanted to design a Christmas tree skirt crochet pattern.

You see, several years ago, we purchased our first Christmas tree. A 6-foot, pre-lit tree, decked out with whatever goodies were 50% off at Target. This included a red and white felt tree skirt that was on sale for $5.

On its best day, that thin felt number was a C+ tree skirt. Like, if you covered it with presents, stood in the kitchen and squinted, you might mistake it for a $10 tree skirt. After four years in our apartment, it looked like hot trash. The felt was nubby and worn, it was covered in black dog hair, and there were weird stains, fake pine needles, and glitter. When we moved, I tossed it.

We rolled skirt-free last year, but a crochet Christmas tree skirt has been on my to-do list ever since. Last month, I got all the materials and crocheted my Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt. And y’all, it looks so good under my tree. 10,000 times better than the $5 felt one.

faux tree with a grey and white crochet christmas tree skirt. text overlay reads "farmhouse christmas tree skirt - you should craft"

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Preparing to Crochet a Christmas Tree Skirt

Unless you have a baby-sized Christmas tree, crochet tree skirts are big – like almost 4 feet across. IDK about you, but I didn’t want to spend the whole month of November crocheting a tree skirt to fit my 7.5 foot tree.

Enter: super bulky weight yarn. If you have a free evening (or more realistically, several lunch breaks over two weeks), you can crochet this easy Christmas tree skirt!

I decked my crochet Farmhouse Tree Skirt out with faux fur trim and a rustic button closure. Thanks to the buttons, it’s never too late to crochet a new Christmas tree skirt. Even if your tree is already decorated and covered in Toasty Turtleneck and Pretty Present Ornaments, you can easily throw on the skirt and button it up.

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Chunky Crochet Tree Skirt – Yarn & Tools

Big yarn calls for a big hook, so I used a 12 mm Clover Amour crochet hook. To be completely honest, I bought it the 12 mm Amour hook because it’s turquoise. 😊 However, this baby surprised me! The Amour hook is smooth plastic that glides through wool yarn without snags. Highly recommend the Amours if you’re looking big hooks for bulky weight yarns.

I chose Tuff Puff in silver for the main portion of my tree skirt. Tuff Puff is a 1-ply, 100% wool yarn from WeCrochet/KnitPicks. If you’re looking for alternative super bulky yarns, you might try:

For a “Santa Hat” feel, I trimmed my tree skirt with white faux fur yarn. If you haven’t used faux fur yet, do it! It is so, so, so soft.

I used Fable Fur in Eisbar, which is also from WeCrochet. It’s 100% polyester and did I mention soft? Sometimes I pet it while I’m editing videos at my desk.

If you’re looking to substitute for another faux fur yarn, you might try:

a woman's hands holding two balls of yarn next to a turquoise crochet hook on a crocheted background

Share Your Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirts!

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Supplies / Materials

Gauge / Size

Tuff Puff Gauge: 4 x 4 inches = 4 rows of 5 st (following pattern for rows 1 – 4)
Fable Fur Gauge: 4 x 4 inches = 3 rows of 5 dc
Finished Size: 45 inches across

Abbreviations / Techniques

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Notes

  • Turning ch 1 is not counted as a stitch
  • This pattern utilizes crochet shorthand whereby “2 hdc” means to crochet 2 hdc in the same stitch and “hdc 2” means to hdc in the next 2 sts
  • For rows crocheted in the back and third loops, crocheting the first and last sts of each row in both loops will give you a cleaner edge
  • Between increases, crochet an amount of stitches equal to the row you’re on (e.g. for Row 5, you’ll increase, then dc 5)
  • When crocheting the edging, you’ll crochet approximately 2 st into the edge of each dc row and 3 st into the edge of every two hdc rows
  • To make the tree skirt a bit larger, add up to two more dc rows of Tuff Puff or any amount of Fable Fur (2 rows of dc would add ~5 inches)

Easy Crochet Tree Skirt Video Tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial to help you crochet the farmhouse Christmas tree skirt:

Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

Skirt Body

Loosely ch 25 with the Tuff Puff yarn
ROW 1: hdc in second ch from hook, hdc across (24)
ROW 2 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 2* 8 times (32)
ROW 3 (blo): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 3* 8 times (40)
ROW 4 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 4* 8 times (48)

two hands crocheting a grey christmas tree skirt with a turquoise crochet hook

ROW 5: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 5* 8 times (56)
ROW 6: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 6* 8 times (64)
ROW 7: ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 7* 8 times (72)
ROW 8 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 8* 8 times (80)
ROW 9 (blo): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 9* 8 times (88)
ROW 10 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 10* 8 times (96)
ROW 11: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 11* 8 times (104)
ROW 12: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 12* 8 times (112)
ROW 13: ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 13* 8 times (120)
ROW 14 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 14* 8 times (128)
ROW 15 (blo): ch 1 and turn, *2 hdc, hdc 15* 8 times (136)
ROW 16 (third loops): ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 16* 8 times (144)

Change to Fable Fur
ROW 17: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 17* 8 times (152)
ROW 18: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 18* 8 times (160)
ROW 19: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 19* 8 times (168)
ROW 20: ch 1 and turn, *2 dc, dc 20* 8 times (176)
Trim yarn and weave in ends.

Button Hole Edging

Join Tuff Puff yarn to edge of Row 20, with right side facing up
ROW 1: ch 1, work 33 hdc across (33)
ROW 2 (see photo below): ch 1 and turn, sc, *ch 2, sk 2, sc 2* across (33)
ROW 3: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (33) Trim yarn and weave in ends.

two hands

Button Edging

Join Tuff Puff yarn to edge of Row 1, with right side facing up
ROW 1: ch 1, hdc across (33)
ROW 2: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (33)
Trim yarn and weave in ends.

two hands sewing a button to a grey and white crochet christmas tree skirt

Adding Buttons to Your Tree Skirt

Using a tapestry needle and silver/grey worsted weight yarn, or a needle and thread, sew eight wooden buttons to the plain edging (without button holes).

In order to line up with the button holes, buttons should be sewn between stitches 2/3, 6/7, 10/11, 14/15, 18/19, 22/23, 26/27, and 30/31.

Aaaand that’s all, y’all! Once you’ve woven in all the ends, it’s time to wrap your spiffy new crochet Christmas tree skirt around the base of your tree.

If your tree needs some more handmade flair, check out the Pretty Present Ornament, which comes in two gift box shapes, the Toasty Turtleneck Ornament, or the Grogu / Baby Yoda Ornament. I’ve also rounded up over 30 of the best crochet ornament patterns on the web.