Free Crochet Pumpkin Pattern in 3 Sizes

Decorate your home for fall with three sizes of Double Twist Pumpkin. This free crochet pumpkin pattern features both photo and video tutorials.

When September 1 hit, my Instagram feed started filling up with handmade pumpkins (head here for 16 free crochet pumpkin patterns). By the middle of September, basically everyone but me had made a crochet pumpkin for the fall decor. So I gave in to peer pressure and the Double Twist Pumpkin was born!

Double Twist Pumpkin Pattern Inspiration

There were already lots of gorgeous crochet pumpkin patterns (here are sixteen!), so to make mine different, I used my favorite stitch – the twisted single crochet. After several swatches and a failed pumpkin (aka a blue spaghetti squash mofo), I found the winner and tested it out in three different sizes. Mine are all blue and grey, but an array of lovely fall colors would be delicious too!

The Double Twist Pumpkin gets its name from repeats that include two rows of twisted single crochets. Not only do these “double twist” sections create an interesting texture, but they also help to create the pumpkins’ sections.

This is an advanced beginner project that’s crocheted in rows and seamed to create a pumpkin shape. It’s completely single crochet (both regular and twisted), so it’s easy once you get the hang of the twisted sc! You’ll fall in love with these quick textured crochet pumpkins!

three sizes of double twist crochet pumpkins with a blue hook and the text "double twist pumpkins - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

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The Yarn – Brava Worsted

You can use any type of worsted weight yarn (Double Twist Pumpkins are a great stashbuster!), but I love Brava Worsted from WeCrochet. It’s soft, washable, inexpensive (just $2.49 per 100 gram ball!), and comes in lots of colors. The pictures below feature the Dove Heather, Peacock, Denim, and Cobblestone Heather colorways.

A regular sized skein of Brava (100 grams, 218 yards) can make about four medium pumpkins or about two large pumpkins. Orrrr, if you love colors, pick up one of the Brava mini packs! I got the blue one (obvs), which came with 24 different baby skeins (25 grams, 54 yards) in blues, greens, and greys. One Brava mini can make one medium pumpkin or TWO small pumpkins!! That means that if you’re on a pumpkin spree (or prepping for a fall market or craft show), you can make 48 small pumpkins with one pack of minis!

If you’re thinking, “hmm, no, that’s a lot of pumpkins” — think again! These babies are ADDICTIVE. I don’t think any of my testers were able to make just one crochet pumpkin. I exercised a lot of restraint (I still have 20 mini skeins that keep looking at me), and I’ve made 10 pumpkins so far.

collage of two images of brava worsted yarn and crochet pumpkins, with text overlay "free crochet pattern - double twist pumpkins -"

The Hook – Blue Odyssey

Since I didn’t want the stuffing to show through my Double Twist Pumpkin, I wanted tight, even stitches with a hook that was a smidge smaller than what was recommended. I chose an H 5.0 mm hook and used my blue Odyssey from Furls Fiberarts.

The Odysseys are one of my favorite types of hooks. They’re well-balanced, ergonomic, and I love how the colors look in my pictures! I used the sparkly blue one which looked amazing amongst all my blue pumpkins. Can you tell that blue’s my favorite color?

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Supplies / Materials

white wooden background with two crocheted pumpkins and various craft supplies

Gauge / Sizes

  • Small: 7 x 2.5 inches (flat)
  • Medium: 9 x 3.5 inches (flat)
  • Large: 10.5 x 5 inches (flat)

Gauge doesn’t matter for this project, but 4 x 4 inches ~ 16 rows of 17 sc

Abbreviations and Techniques

NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology.

Pattern Notes

  • turning ch 1 is not counted as a stitch
  • The medium and large size patterns are combined and written as:
    • Stitch counts: (M, L)
    • Starting chain, repeats, row counts: M (L)
  • To customize the pumpkin’s height, ch any number
  • To customize the pumpkin’s diameter (e.g. to make it wider), add rows in multiples of 4 (small pumpkins) or 6 (medium/large pumpkins)
  • You can make larger or smaller pumpkins by using different yarn – e.g. Brava bulky with a 6.0 mm hook will give you a larger pumpkin and Brava sport with a 3.0 mm hook will give you a smaller pumpkin.
  • If you don’t want to use sticks for your stems, try cinnamon sticks, leather strips, wine corks, or crocheted stems.

Double Twist Pumpkin Crochet Pattern


ROW 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc across (10)

ROW 2a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (10)

ROW 2b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (10)

ROWS 3 – 4: ch 1, turn. (both loops) sc in each st across (10)

ROW 5a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (10)

ROW 5b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (10)

ROW 6a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (10)

ROW 6b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (10)

ROWS 7 – 22b: Repeat Rows 3 – 6b four times

ROWS 23 – 24: ch 1, turn. (both loops) sc in each st across (10)

ROW 25a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (10)

Trim yarn, leaving a long tail (approximately twice as long as your pumpkin’s width)


two hands crocheting a blue strip with pumpkins and fur in the background


ch 15 (21)

ROW 1: sc in second ch from hook, sc across (14, 20)

ROW 2a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROW 2b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROWS 3 – 6: ch 1, turn. (both loops) sc across (14, 20)

ROW 7a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROW 7b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROW 8a: ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROW 8b: ch 1, turn. (blo) sc in each st across (14, 20)

ROWS 9 – 32b (9 – 38b): Repeat rows 3 – 8b four (five)  times

ROWS 33 – 36 (39 – 42): ch 1, turn. (both loops) sc in second ch from hook, sc across (14, 20)

ROW 37a (43a): ch 1, turn. (blo) twisted sc in each st across (14, 20)

Trim yarn, leaving a long tail (approximately twice as long as your pumpkin’s width)


Finishing your Double Twist Pumpkins

  • (a.) You should have a rectangle with a tail that’s approximately twice its length.
  • (b.) Using a tapestry needle and the long tail you left, whip stitch the first and second-to-last rows together.
  • (c.) Running stitch around one side of the pumpkin, pulling it tight as you go.
  • (d.) Once the hole is completely closed, trim yarn and weave in ends. This is the bottom of your pumpkin.
tutorial collage demonstrating how to seam the sides and bottom of the double twist pumpking
  • (e.) Cut another piece of yarn that’s approximately 12 inches long. Running stitch around the top of the pumpkin, pulling it a little bit tight. Fill the pumpkin with poly-fil or stuffing.
  • (f.) Pull the yarn to close the hole almost all the way, leaving enough room for your stem.
  • (g.) Sew from the top of the pumpkin to the bottom of the pumpkin 2-3 times, in order to make your pumpkin dip in the middle near the stem.
  • (h.) Insert your stem and, if needed, secure your stem to the pumpkin with hot glue.
collages of four tutorial images demonstrating how to stuff and seam top of the double twist pumpkin

That’s all, y’all! Repeat these steps 3-1000 times (until you run out of yarn or have reached your desired number of crochet pumpkins).

When you’ve got a few crochet pumpkins finished, pop them into any fall tablescape or even a wreath like MJ’s Off the Hook Designs! Be sure to check out the #DoubleTwistPumpkin hashtag on Instagram to see what my lovely testers did with their pumpkins.

And if you can’t get enough of crocheted pumpkins this fall, you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up 16 of my favorite pumpkin patterns for you to enjoy!