Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy – Free Crochet Pattern

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Protect your fingers and use our free pattern to crochet a reusable cotton cup cozy with an adorable heart pattern — perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day! Just say no to those cardboard sleeves at the coffee shop!

Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy | YouShouldCraft.com #crochet

With the Super Bowl over and done, and my present home team the Carolina Panthers defeated by my future home team of the Denver Broncos (which I guess makes sense, right?), next up is Valentine’s Day! V-Day is not my jam, but I kept seeing beautiful red and pink heart crafts on Craftgawker and Pinterest, and I started to feel kind of left out! I spotted the Heidi Cowl from Divine Debris, and a little light bulb went off. I used her idea of rotating solid and outlined hearts to create the pattern for my tapestry crochet cup cozy!

Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy | YouShouldCraft.com #crochet

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Of course, this coffee cozy isn’t only for Valentine’s Day — just pick a different color scheme (gray and yellow perhaps? monochrome blues?) and you’re good to go! Next time you’re at Starbucks, you can just say no to that cardboard sleeve because you’ll have your very own reusable, handmade, crocheted-with-love tapestry cup cozy! With adorable hearts! Perhaps green is the new color of love? Lo siento dudes, that was a lame eco-friendly pun. #sorrynotsorry

The tapestry heart cup cozy pattern uses 3-4 different colors at once (I chose red, hot pink, and white) and requires a lot of color changes and counting. However, it’s a small item and the whole cup cozy is worked in single crochet, so a beginning crocheter could use 2 colors and tackle their very first tapestry project!

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Now you’re ready to rock, right?

But first, double check your crafty stash or hit up the craft store for some supplies.

Worsted weight cotton yarn in 2-4 colors (I used Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in red, white, and hot pink. Buy from LoveCrochet or Amazon)
I 5.5mm and H 5.0mm crochet hooks
Tapestry needle
Optional (but very helpful): Clothespins or yarn bobbins

sc – Single Crochet
ch – Chain
sl st – Slip Stitch

Free Pattern | You Should Craft

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  1. This is such a cute little gift to give to anyone for valentine’s day! I used to love crocheting when I was younger. I need to get back into it!

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