Granny Squares: How to Join-As-You-Go

Photo tutorial for how to join-as-you-go with crochet granny squares. Turn your handmade squares into a pillow, blanket, or afghan with an easy joining technique that lays flat and adds width to your project.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

On Monday we made some granny squares, but you’re probably wondering what to do with them now?! You can always join with a slip stitch, single crochets (like I did for my sunburst pillow), or whip stitches… but this tutorial will show you how to connect granny squares using the join-as-you-go technique. Personally, I prefer this to whip stitching — way less ends to weave! Join-as-you-go also adds an extra layer to your granny squares, so you’re growing your afghan as you stitch it together. I used this technique for the grey and teal contrast blanket I made and the daisy granny square pillow.

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Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Yarn (I used Caron One Pound in Soft Grey – from JoAnn Fabric or Amazon)
Granny Squares (Mine are a modified daisy square — I’ll post the pattern soon!)
Crochet hook recommended for the yarn you chose (I used an H/5.0 mm hook)
Tapestry Needle

Ch – Chain
dc – Double Crochet
sl st – Slip Stitch

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

The pillow I’m making has 16 squares, so I followed the join-as-you-go pattern above. If the item you’re crocheting is larger, you’ll still follow the same basic pattern, just with more/less squares in each row. Be sure to pay attention to the first and last granny squares in each row! They are the most important, as you’re often crocheting around less sides than on the middle squares.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Begin by joining your yarn to the corner of the first granny square. You’re basically going to add another layer to the granny square, following the same pattern we learned last week in the classic granny square tutorial.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet
Ch 2, then dc 2 into the same space. Crochet around three sides of the granny square — dc 3 into each of the side spaces. When you reach a corner, 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc.

When you finish the third side, prepare the next granny square. Yarn over and dc into the first space of the new square. 2 more dc into that space, then connect to the original granny square with a slip stitch.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

As you work down the first side, connect to the previous square’s border with a sl st after each set of 3 dc. Continue crocheting around the next two sides of the square.

Continue joining the rest of the squares in the row using the same pattern, but only crochet around two sides of the final square.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Connect the first granny square of the next row, and crochet around two sides. Connect the next square and crochet around three sides (repeat for the rest of the middle squares in this row). On the final granny square, crochet around all four sides and then continue across the tops of the other squares in the row.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Connect the third row of squares by the bottoms only.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

When you’ve joined the last square of the row, begin crocheting around every side of the squares, except for the final side of the last square.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Begin the final row by crocheting around two sides of the first square (just like you did on the second row). Crochet around three sides of the remaining squares, continuing all the way around the final square. Use the same pattern we’ve been following — 3 dc in each space and in the corners 3 dc, 1 ch, 3 dc.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Turn the corner and continue all the way around the final product. Since I was working on the front cover of my daisy pillow, I crocheted around the last three sides.

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Finish up crocheting all the way around your project and join with an invisible join (picture tutorial at the bottom of my classic granny square post). Weave in the ends.

This might be it for you, depending on what project you’ve chosen. I stopped here for my daisy pillow and worked on a separate back piece. For my contrast blanket, I wove in my ends and then added another color to start the border.

What are you making with your granny squares? Let me know in the comments below! Share your projects on Instagram with #sewsimmershare or post them to the SS+S Facebook Page!

Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet

Don’t forget to stop by next week for a FREE pattern for the much anticipated contrast blanket! Later I’ll also be sharing the pattern for these daisy granny squares and the finished daisy pillow.

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Granny Squares Tutorial: How to Join-As-You-Go | #crochet


  1. Do you have a video of this? I’m not understanding where you connect the corners and it seems like you have all of your squares done. Even with magnifying the page the print is too tiny so it is possible that I am missing something.

    • Hey Davette! I haven’t made a video of this myself, but I did a quick YouTube search and found this video by Bella Coco that might help you. For the join-as-you-go technique, you’re joining with a slip stitch after each cluster of 3 dc, and you’ll do the same in the corner, just with the added chains to make the corner square.

      What browser are you using that shows my font as being too small to read? I’m using FireFox and it looks normal sized when I preview the page, but if something is wrong in another browser please let me know so I can update my website!

  2. The graph that shows the direction of the assembly goes from left to right. I crochet from right to left. I couldn’t assemble with this picture. Hm
    I will try from top right to bottom left direction.

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