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It’s time for the crochet pattern! Let’s get to the scrubbies!

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Here’s the video tutorial:

And the chart:

crochet chart for the cotton face scrubbies pattern
six puff stitches in a magic ring with pink yarn and a gold crochet hook

And the written pattern!

Round 1: Begin by making a magic ring, and *puff, chain* 8 times. If you don’t like magic rings, you could also chain 5, connect with a slip stitch, and then crochet the 8 puff stitches into the center of the circle (don’t forget to separate each with a chain, it will give you some extra room for the next row.

two hands pulling pink yarn to close the magic ring

Carefully pull your magic ring closed, until it’s super tight.

finished first round of the crochet face scrubbies

Connect with a slip stitch at the top of the first puff stitch.

in-progress photo of the second round of the cotton face scrubbies, pink yarn and a gold crochet hook

Round 2: Ch 1 and put 2 puff stitches into the top of the first puff stitch (not the chain, it will end up being less solid). Continue all the way around, with 2 puff stitches at the top of each previous puff stitch. (16 puff stitches)

two completed rounds of the cotton face scrubbie

Connect to the top of the first puff stitch with a slip stitch.

finsihed cotton face scrubby, ready to trim yarn and weave in ends

Round 3: Ch 1, and single crochet (sc) in the same stitch. Continue and sc all the way around. (32) Connect with a slip stitch and weave in ends.

stack of colorful cotton face scrubbies with a pink crochet face scrubby leaning against it

That’s the end! It’s only three rounds to make a cute little face scrubbie!

I picked out my brightest colors of Sugar’n Cream cotton yarn, but you could also use pastels or white for a more soothing, spa-like feel.

If you wash the scrubbies before using them, they’ll get super, super soft… which I love!

five brightly colored crochet face scrubbies

Be sure to make a bunch of face scrubbies so you can use them every day! I keep mine in my medicine cabinet so they’re easy to reach.

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labeled image with two pictures of several brightly colored face scrubbies and text that reads: cotton face scrubbies

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