16 Amazing Gifts for Crocheters

Need help shopping for crafty presents? I've rounded up 16 gifts for crocheters for any time of the year, whether it's Christmas or Wednesday.

Sometimes it’s hard to shop for the people we love, especially the ones with specialized hobbies like crocheting or knitting. And if you’re not a crafty person, how do you find the best gifts for crocheters in your life? Even as the recipient, it can be challenging to create a wish list when you’ve been crocheting for a long time and have most everything you need.

I have had the line, “Gift cards to JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s” on my Christmas and birthday lists for the last fifteen years. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but dammit! It’s so nice to open a thoughtful, unexpected present that I may not have bought for myself, y’know?

These gifts for crocheters will help you give thoughtful, useful presents to the yarn obsessed, hook-wielding crafters in your life.

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To help you out, I’ve rounded up 16 gifts for crocheters. These are evergreen, so whether you’re shopping for the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, or just because — I got you! And for those of you who ARE crocheters and can’t think of what to put on your list, hopefully this sparks some ideas! This is basically my forever list. (*cough* people who buy things for me *cough*)

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collage of four images showing hand-dyed yarn, Furls crochet hooks, wooden stitch markers, and a wooden yarn bowl

Clockwise, from top left:

1. Hand-Dyed Yarn

Hand-dyed yarn is EVERYTHING. It’s soft, it’s squishy, it’s colorful, and there are so many amazing dyers out there.

The picture is of my first hand-dyed yarn purchase ever, “Beyond the Reef” from Kitty Pride Fibers, purchased at Dye Hard Yarns. Dye Hard Yarns is a local yarn store out of Oak Park, Illinois, but they ship around the country, so check ’em out!

There are some big names like Explorer Knits, Lola Bean Yarn Co., SewrellaYarn, but you can also try Etsy for hand-dyed yarns from small batch dyers.

2. Fancy Hooks

New hooks are one of my favorite gifts for crocheterrs. They’re one of the most important parts of crochet (tied with yarn!) and crocheters use them all the time, so why not give the gift of an upgrade?

I love the ergonomic hooks from Furls Fiberarts and I’m a little bit addicted. At first, I ordered two Streamlines to try, then I got two rose gold Odysseys for my birthday, then all of a sudden I had 12.

To fuel my hook addiction, I also recently got a full set of reclaimed wood hooks from Laurel Hill.

Or, check out Etsy for all sorts of custom hooks and handles!

3. Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are handy (especially when crocheting in the round) and there are so many cute ones! The wooden stitch marker set in the picture is one I recently picked up from SHEinspired. They have other sweet sets with animal print and ones that are Gilmore Girls and Friends themed.

I’m also crushing on the amazing clay stitch markers from Whimsy n Sassy. There are little whales and cookies and I can’t handle it. 😭

4. Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls hold balls of yarn so they don’t roll off the couch. I’ve seen people use bins from the Dollar Tree or Coke bottles with holes in them, but if it’s a gift for a crocheter, why not give a beautiful one?

The picture shows my current favorite of the yarn bowls from WeCrochet (it has a Mother of Pearl inlay!), or you can find more at Furls Fiberarts.

image collage featuring two crochet books, gauge ruler, and pretty hanks of yarn

Clockwise, from top left:

5. Crochet Pattern Books

Sure, you can print patterns from the internet or buy them from designers, but some crocheters prefer the look and feel of a good book, with a collection of curated patterns. I’ve heard great things about:

6. Fancy Yarn

Balls are yarn are easy gifts for crocheters because they’re always using it. I used to cheap out on yarn (for the first 25 years I crocheted, I only used acrylic and cotton yarn). Then I branched out a bit and tried an acrylic-wool blend for my Mystic Ripple Blanket, then I worked with merino wool for the Twisted Whims Hat and I was SOLD.

Since then, my yarn stash has grown to include all sorts of fibers like wool, alpaca, linen, silk, cashmere, mohair, pima cotton… ugh, typing the names makes we want to squish all the yarns and let them know I love them forever. But I digress!

I get almost all of my yarn from WeCrochet — they have upscale/fancy yarns at great prices. Some of my favorites are:

  • Muse – Hand Painted Superwash Merino Wool (picture shows “Bliss” colorway)
  • Hawthorne – Superwash Highland Wool and Nylon Blend (picture shows “The Pearl” colorway)
  • Aloft – Hand Painted Mohair and Silk Blend
  • Alpaca Cloud DK – Baby Alpaca
  • City Tweed – Merino Wool, Superfine Alpaca, and Donegal Tweed

I’m also a big fan of Whims Merino from Furls Fiberarts, which comes in both worsted and DK weights.

7. Stitch Dictionary

Stitch dictionaries are *essential* gifts for crocheters, especially those that are starting to design their own patterns. The picture shows my favorite, the Crochet Every Way Stitch Dictionary by Dora Ohrenstein (WeCrochet | Bookshop | Amazon). It has a variety of beautiful stitches and laces, and shows how to increase and decrease with each one. So helpful for designing!

I recently picked up The Big Book of Crochet Stitches (Bookshop | Amazon), which has over 300 different stitches to try out!

8. Cute Tools and Notions

Why not upgrade your favorite crocheter’s notions? Perhaps a crocheted fox tape measure? Or a wooden needle case?

The picture shows my new gauge ruler, which I just picked up from SHEinspired on Etsy. It’s perfect for checking the gauge on my designs, and did you see how cute it is? The set came bundled with a wraps-per-inch tool, and a sheep with crochet abbreviations on the back. Highly recommend!

collage of four images of gifts for crocheters including project tags, wool wash, knitcrate, and a yarn swift

Clockwise, from top left:

9. Project tags

Personalized tags have the magic ability to make any finished item *instantly* professional, so they’re excellent gifts for crocheters who sell their work at craft shows or on Etsy.

My designer friends swear by Kathy’s Kozies (shown) and All This Wood.

10. Yummy Wool Wash

Many wools and animal fibers require special care and handwashing. That’s where wool wash comes in! The picture is from Twill and Print, who have four different scents in their Etsy shop. Woodland sounds heavenly — a walk in the forest after the rain? Yes please!

11. Yarn Swift and Winder

Hand-dyed and exotic yarns often come in hanks, which look lovely in Instagram flat lays, but are not ready for crocheting or knitting. You can wrap your yarn around a chair, have your partner or kids hold it, or carefully hand wind it — but who wants to wind a sweater quantity of yarn by themselves?!

Enter the yarn winder and swift! They’re essential for any crocheter that’s starting to acquire a collection of fancier yarns, especially those that shop online.

I love the basic winding station from WeCrochet, which includes a winder, swift, and yarn bowl.

12. KnitCrate (Yarn Subscription Box)

I’ve been a KnitCrate subscriber since June 2020 (shown in the picture), and I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a monthly subscription box and each month, you’ll get 200 grams of luxury yarn, knit and crochet patterns, and a fun little extra (stitch markers, coasters, a Tunisian crochet hook…). I stalk the tracking info so hard, then run out to my mailbox to squish that blue envelope.

Since the yarn is different each month, I’ve been able to try different styles (like fingering and super bulky weights) and fibers that I wouldn’t normally try. Members get access to monthly “Double Down” sales so you can stock up on extra yarn for way less.

The regular price of $24.99/month, which is an excellent deal considering the quality of yarn you receive. PLUSSS sign up HERE, to get your first month of KnitCrate for 50% off!

four images of gifts for crocheters including a project bag, blanket, mug, and blocking mats

Clockwise, from top left:

13. Project bag

I used to carry about small crochet projects in a gallon sized Ziploc bag, and larger projects in a reusable grocery bag. It was functional, but not cute. My current project bag (shown above) is only $20 from WeCrochet, but it’s such an upgrade! Did you see the little crochet hooks on the lining?! It’s my favorite! Mine is the “Midnight” color, but they have more colors and bags here.

14. Pattern Kits

Pattern kits are perfect for people who don’t want to mess around with extra shopping. A kit comes with the pattern AND all the yarn needed to make it, often at a discount.

The best pattern kits come from WeCrochet (Bobble Diamond throw is shown) and Lion Brand Yarns.

15. Crochet Swag

What crocheter doesn’t want to show off their love of crochet with mugs and shirts and pins?!

The “Crochet All Day” mug is from the You Should Craft Etsy shop. You can find more crochet-themed merch (mugs, shirts, hoodies) in fellow pattern designer Rebekah Haas’ Etsy shop.

I also love collecting the crochet-themed enamel pins from WeCrochet (the unicorn is my fave!).

16. Blocking mats

Blocking mats should be higher on the list! They are critical for garments like shawls and sweaters, but can be super helpful for making sure all your granny squares are the same size. If your favorite crocheter doesn’t have blocking mats yet — get them some!

two crochet books, yarn, and a gauge ruler with text overlay "16 amazing gifts for crocheters - round-up curated by you should craft"