Men’s Necktie Crochet Pattern (Free)

This charming men's necktie crochet pattern utilizes simple stitches for a big impact. A crocheted tie makes the perfect Father's Day gift.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’re all looking for unique gifts for the dads in our lives. This necktie crochet pattern will make the perfect bespoke present for your father, brother, partner, or whoever you know that needs a fun crochet tie. Maybe even you! 😉

image collage with a large center image featuring a blue crocheted necktie with vining plant and human hand holding a ball of wander yarn with a crochet hook tucked in the label. text overlay reads "men's necktie - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

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2022 Crochet Foundry Blog Hop

The Wander Necktie pattern is part of the 2022 Crochet Foundry Blog Hop. Check out all the other free patterns on the blog hop landing page. All patterns use Wander yarn and Furls Fiberarts tools.

So far my favorite patterns from the blog hop are the Wander Sweater Tank and Brentwood Poncho, but they’ll be dropping one free pattern every two weeks throughout 2022.

Inspiration for the Wander Necktie Crochet Pattern

The Wander Necktie was born from wondering, “What can I crochet for my husband?” He has a blanket, plushie, hat, and scarf, so I’ve pretty much exhausted the easy options. Then a lightbulb went off. Like duh, how about a crochet tie!

Of course I’d never crocheted a necktie before, so I began with a deep dive on ties and tie components. Did you know that the back thingy that holds the tie in place is called a keeper loop?

After I learned all the words and sizing deets, I grabbed my hook and got started. If you’ve ever wondered how to crochet a necktie (or neck tie 😅), read on!

wooden tray with a button down shirt and a blue crocheted tie. text overlay reads "crochet necktie pattern - you should craft"

The Wander Necktie is a standard width tie pattern that’s great for beginners. It’s crocheted flat, uses worsted weight yarn, and features simple stitches like sc and hdc. The whole tie is wrapped up with a single crochet border, so the edges are crisp and clean. One tie uses less than one 100 gram ball of worsted weight yarn. Gotta love a one skein wonder!

Note: If you’re a brand new crocheter, check out the Newbie Series. You’ll learn all the skills needed to crochet your own necktie, including sc, hdc, increasing and decreasing.

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wooden tray with a folded shirt and blue crocheted tie, three balls of wander yarn, and two metal crochet hooks. text overlay reads "men's necktie - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

The Tools – Furls Fiberarts

Because this is a beginner crochet tie pattern, I wanted to use an accessible yarn. Acrylic yarn fits the bill across the board. Soft? Durable? Washable? Check, check, check! Best of all, you can easily purchase acrylic yarn both online and in-stores.

Furls Fiberarts sent me their Wander yarn to test out, and it’s gorgeous and super soft! The tutorial features the “Peninsula” colorway and the completed tie was crocheted with “Laguna” (a yummy deep blue).

If you don’t have access to Wander yarn (available via the Furls website), a yarn like Caron Simply Soft or Red Heart Soft would work well for this crochet tie pattern.

Since I didn’t want any gaps between the stitches in my crochet necktie, I chose a slightly smaller hook than what’s recommended on the label. My 4.0 mm silver Odyssey from Furls gave me tight, even stitches — especially on the single crochet border. I love how the shiny silver looks against the blue yarn. 😍 You can see my navy Odyssey in some of the pictures too.

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Supplies / Materials

hand touching a blue crocheted tie on a folded button down shirt with vining plant and silver crochet hook nearby. text overlay reads "men's necktie - free crochet pattern from you should craft"

Gauge / Size

3 x 3 inches = 8 rows of 11 hdc

Abbreviations / Techniques

Crochet Tie Pattern Notes

  • Turning ch-1 does not count as a st
  • Pattern is written using crochet shorthand. “2 dc” means to crochet 2 dc in the same stitch. “dc 2” means to dc in the next 2 sts.
  • When crocheting the sc border, crochet three sc for every two rows of hdc
  • It is recommended that finished ties be wet or steam blocked.

Necktie Crochet Pattern

ROW 1: magic ring, ch 1, 2 hdc into ring, tighten ring (2)
ROW 2: ch 1 and turn, 2 hdc into each st (4)
ROW 3: ch 1 and turn, 2 hdc, hdc 2, 2 hdc (6)
ROW 4: ch 1 and turn, 2 hdc, hdc 4, 2 hdc (8)
ROW 5: ch 1 and turn, 2 hdc, hdc 6, 2 hdc (10)
ROW 6: ch 1 and turn, 2 hdc, hdc 8, 2 hdc (12) add stitch markers to each side of ROW 6 [see image below]

ROW 7: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (12)
ROWS 8 – 28: repeat ROW 7
ROW 29: ch 1 and turn, hdc 5, hdc2tog, hdc 5 (11)
ROW 30: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (11)
ROWS 31 – 39: repeat ROW 30
ROW 40: ch 1 and turn, hdc 4, hdc2tog, hdc 5 (10)
ROW 41: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (10)
ROWS 42 – 48: repeat ROW 41
ROW 49: ch 1 and turn, hdc 4, hdc2tog, hdc 4 (9)
ROW 50: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (9)
ROWS 51 – 55: repeat ROW 50
ROW 56: ch 1 and turn, hdc 3, hdc2tog, hdc 4 (8)
ROW 57: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (8)
ROWS 58 – 60: repeat ROW 60

ROW 61: ch 1 and turn, hdc 3, hdc2tog, hdc 3 (7)
ROW 62: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (7)
ROW 63: repeat ROW 62
ROW 64: ch 1 and turn, hdc 2, hdc2tog, hdc 3 (6)
ROW 65: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (6)
ROW 66: repeat ROW 65
ROW 67: ch 1 and turn, hdc 2, hdc2tog, hdc 2 (5)
ROW 68: ch 1 and turn, hdc across (5)
ROW 69 – 135: repeat ROW 68
Don’t trim yarn, continue into border

Border for Crochet Necktie

ch 1 and turn, sc 5 across. Work 2 more sc into last st. Turn work to crochet down the side of the tie (stopping at ROW 6). Work 3 sc into every two rows of hdc (approximately 193 sc). When you’ve reached ROW 6, sc 2 into ROW 6, then continue to sc until the tip of the tie (approximately 9 sc). sc two more into the bottom of ROW 1.

Turn the tie to go up the other side. Work 8 sc until you reach ROW 6, sc 2 in ROW 6, work approximately 193 sc up the side of the tie. sc one more sc into the corner.

Finish with invisible join and weave in ends.

Keeper Loop

ch 12 + 1
ROW 1: hdc in second ch from hook, hdc 11 across (12)

Trim yarn, leaving a tail of 6 – 8 inches. Sew onto the back of the tie at approximately ROW 24 and weave in the ends so the loop is secure. [see image below]

hand holding the back of a crochet neck tie on a wood background with vining plants

That’s all, y’all! Once you’ve finished the crochet necktie pattern, block it, then gift it (or wear it).

tied blue crochet necktie with blue vases and vining plants. a woman's hand is holding the smaller vase with two metal crochet hooks inside