Bobble Heart Potholder – Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet a sturdy, double-layered cotton potholder in a fun, bright bobble heart design! This project features the bobble stitch and includes a free crochet pattern and step-by-step photo-tutorial.
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With color 2 – ch 28, using your I (5.5 mm) hook.

Row 1: Switch to your H (5.0 mm) hook. Skipping the first chain (ch), single crochet (sc) in the second chain from the hook and sc across (27 stitches).
Rows 2 – 30: Repeat Row 1.

view of the yellow back piece of the bobble heart potholder, includes a skein of yarn and a blue crochet hook

Ready for the home stretch? The edging!

This is that pretty border and little loop to hang your potholder from cabinet knobs and oven handles.

in-progress view of the border of the bobble heart potholder, as it's being crocheted

Row 1: After finishing Row 25 of the potholder body, ch 1. Lay the back piece onto the potholder and align the edges. Begin crocheting down the side of the potholder [color 1], joining the back and front pieces. Work 30 sc into the side, plus 2 extra sc in corner, sc 27, 2 extra sc in corner, sc 30, 2 extra sc in corner, sc 27, 2 extra sc in corner. Connect to first sc with a slip stitch. Trim and weave in ends.

two hands crocheting the border of the bobble heart potholder

Row 2: Attach color 2 at any point, sc until you reach a corner, sc 1, ch 15, sc 2, continue sc all the way around (with 3 sc in each corner). Join to first sc with slip stitch. Trim and weave in ends.

hand flipping over the bobble heart potholder to show the back
Want to take the pattern to go? Buy an ad-free, printable PDF pattern and crochet chart on Etsy or Ravelry.
back view of the bobble heart potholder, lots of yarn ends showing

Speaking of weaving in ends… there’s a lot of that to do, so I hope you love your tapestry needle! Above you can see the back of my potholder, before I wove everything in. Pretty crazy, right?! There is a lot of color changing, and rather than carrying an extra color for the whole time, I just added and dropped as necessary.

UPDATE 2/2019: You don’t have to cut the yarn on every row — since the second color is all in one area, you can drop it after each color change and pick it up in the next row.

close-up view of the texture of the bobble heart potholder

If you’ve finished weaving in your ends, you’re totally done! What do you think? I just love the texture the bobbles create! I’m so excited to hang this bad boy on my oven handle so I can look at it every day.

I kind of have a problem with pretty kitchen things — I never want to actually use them, for fear of spilling tomato basil soup or something all over them!

I suppose it’s nothing a little Shout! couldn’t fix, but I still worry!

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woman holding a red cup with a crocheted tapestry heart cup cozy

After you finish your potholder, how about using your extra yarn to make a Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy!?

labeled image with two pictures of crochet potholders that reads: bobble heart potholder

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  • 575


  1. So adorable; I love the bobble nubs!! Your photographs are so bright and clear, too!

  2. I love your color choices and this is seriously so CUTE! It *almost* inspires me to learn….but I’m afraid of acquiring one more hobby!!!!!

  3. It’s beautiful! Thank you for persisting and then sharing the results.

  4. This is absolutely adorable. I can crochet in a straight line, but anything other than a simple blanket is tough. I’m still working on a scarf I started last year. πŸ˜‰ (But totally pinning this for future reference…maybe I can figure it out this fall?)

  5. Love love love! I would be fabulous if you’d join my linky party, lots of crocheters and I present really nice features each week which you would certainly be a part of! Hope to see you there!

  6. Thanks for creating and taking time to share pattern, its perfect-exactly what I’ve been looking for to make!! I cant wait!!

  7. Soooo cute! I love the pink heart! Thanks for sharing at the Submarine Sunday Link Party!

  8. Hi ~ I’m just learning the bobble stitch and am making a blanket with hearts. So, if I understand your instructions you change colors on the sc row, correct? I keep the yarn on the back side (WS)? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Sylvia Larson

  9. Love this. While working the pattern I found that the color is not said to switch in the correct area, when it comes to the first pink bobble.

  10. Hello! I love this pattern! I am terrible at reading patterns but after following your tutorial for the bobble stitch, I decided to give this one a try. Also: following your other tutorial was a success! But as a newbie, it would have been beneficial to know that you crochet into the same stitch. I figured it out through trial and error πŸ™‚

    For this pattern, do you do the six half stitches for each of the bobbles? I’m about a quarter of the way through the second row and my bobbles look much larger than your cute little ones! Please help!

    • Melanie, I’m so glad to hear that you like the bobble heart pattern and that my bobble stitch tutorial was helpful! I’m glad you figured it out, but I’ll try to edit the directions to make it more clear that each bobble is built on one stitch.

      For this pattern you’ll do five half stitches per bobble, and there will be 6 total loops on your hook before you pull through to finish off the bobble stitch.

      Hope this helps!

  11. I was curious: what size does this end up to be?

  12. Such a fun project! Thanks for the clear instructions and lots of images. I really had fun learning how to do bobbles and create the heart design.

  13. Hello, can you please explain row 18 for me? I get 20 stitches not the 27! Thanks so much!!!!

  14. I am trying to get this pattern. How do I go about getting it. It’s not giving me the email. I need it for a baby blanket. Thank you.

    • Hey Shannen! I’m not sure why you’re not receiving the email– I checked and my email system seems to be working fine. The pattern is in the post, but maybe the email with the pdf ended up in your spam folder?

  15. Row 18 is wrong. I worked it as follows: Ch 1, turn. sc, bobble 7 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc and change to color 1 and work 6 sc, bobble, sc. The following rows seemed to be correct.

  16. Oops, i’m so sorry i omitted something! i’m correcting my error for Row 18: Ch1, turn, sc, bobble, 7 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc, change to color 1 and work 2 sc, change to color 2 and work bobble, sc, bobble, sc, change to color 1 and work 6 sc, bobble, sc. (27 sts.)

  17. for row 8 it has u changing color for the next to last bobble instead of the middle bobble, or am i not reading something right?

  18. Alex, that potholder is gorgeous. I have signed up with 2 diff emails and still haven’t received the 2 free patterns. I was looking forward to making the potholder! Thanks for the freebies and adding me to your list.
    Betty Lynn

  19. PS I did look in my spam and didn’t find it there either. Can you please send it again? Thanks

  20. Crochet Bobble Heart Potholder I can not download the this file Malwarebytes will not allow, can you send the pdf to my email [email protected]

  21. I need to.make hot pads for pans 12Γ—12, is it possible to continue the bobble rows to the size needed.. I love the pattern and really want to use it.

  22. The front potholder has 25 rows but the back has 30 rows. Is something wrong?

  23. So you should make the sides of the potholder with 30 stitches even though they don’t match row for row?

  24. Thank you for the help. The potholder is beautiful. Looking forward to more patterns.

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