Hello and Welcome to You Should Craft!

Your destination for modern crafts and crochet, with a bossy flair.

So you’re probably wondering, what you can expect from You Should Craft?! Or at least you should be wondering that!

  • Do you like bright, step-by-step photo tutorials?
  • How about modern, creative crafts for bitchin’ peeps?
  • And crochet patterns that aren’t for grandmas? Well, at least not your average grandmother.

Is that a “Yes!” I hear?! Then hells yes y’all! You’re in the right place!!

I provide my loyal readers with craft tutorials, crochet patterns, and DIY projects. You can count on You Should Craft for all your crafty needs!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for crafts you’d like to see, be sure to Contact Me or send a shout out on social media!

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All About Alex (aka the boss around here)

Hi y’all! I’m Alex, an educator and full-time crafter with a sassy attitude and a lot of sarcasm.

I LOVE crafts, crocheting, and trying to make my rented apartment look HOTTT. Okay, so there’s lots of other stuff too, but that’s what I’ll be sharing with you all here on You Should Craft (formerly Sew, Simmer, and Share)!

Outside of crafts, crocheting, and teaching, I love running, cooking, reading, couponing, and watching Netflix marathons with my husband.

Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Mr. YSC and I are currently living in Denver, Colorado. We’re new here, but I’ll still be sharing crafts and crochet patterns, as we assimilate into mountain life.

My parents used to call me Chief, because I was a bit of a bossypants when I was younger… but honestly, I’m still pretty bossy. Listen here, my darling readers! Get your sh*t together! I’m talking to you! Bust out your crochet hooks, yarn, sewing machine, and whatever else you need — let’s craft! Isn’t that the whole point of this blog?

You. Should. Craft.

But don’t worry friends, I’ll teach you how!